Patches, updates, and editors, available for CM4 and 03/04


Sir Calumn

The base version of CM4 is already getting old, there have been plenty of downloads released for it, and naturally you want your version to CM4 to be as up-to-date and to run as smoothly as possible. So, here's what to do....

1) Install a copy of CM4 on your computer, these downloads only take place on new games.

2) Go here to download the CM Enhancement Pack 5. You do not need any previous enhancement packs to apply it.

3) Completely unessecary, but most people seem to want an editor, so if you do, go here to get the Nygreen pregame editor.

4) Finally, all you need is the data update. There are two updats currently available for CM4. My personal preference is the Simon Treanor Update which you can get from here. The other, which many prefer, is the CM Sorted Update which is available from here

Now your version of CM4 is as up-to-date as it gets, and should run as smoothing as Tropicana Orange Juice, well, the type with bits in at least.

There are plently more fun/useful downloads for CM4, but none essential to the game.

As soon as better/more recent versions of any of the above are released, I will post them here.



That Nice Guy
to download the latest patch 4.1.3 for CM0304 Click Here

if that doesnt work then go to and click on one of the links there.



That Nice Guy
you can download CMScout3.10 for CM0304 from here

you can also get the Nygreen editor for CM0304 from here which is oh so much better than the official CM one and WONT knacker up your game in terms of regen names...... where as the official one does.



That Nice Guy
you can download MCM's save game editor by looking here: I'd give you a link to the downloads but it is forever changing



That Nice Guy
Originally posted by xiaoarc
Here's the best(i suppose) update for CM 03/04

The Calcio Update v2

• All transfers from around the world not just in Europe, up to day of release
• All manager transfers up to day of release
• Pre transfers done for June/July e.g. Bordon to Schalke in 2005
• Extensive update on Norway with name change of Lyn Toppfotball to FC Lyn Oslo and premier league transfers.
• Finances tweaked e.g. Parma, Roma, Dortmund
• MLS is included but not playable
• MLS player added e.g. Adu, McBride etc
• MLS all teams done but only the players at the following clubs are included: Chicago, Colorado, Columus, Dallas DC Utd and LA Galaxy
• Kit amendments
• Player contracts updated to February
• Some player corrections e.g. left foot right foot
• Squad no’s tweaked
• Future percentage fee incorporated for Defoe where 25% of the fee went to Charlton.
• Some player valuations changed eg Kluivert, Davids, clubs won’t bid silly money.
• Players favourite and disliked staff changed eg Berkovic doesn’t like Keegan
• Obituaries e.g. Faher, Viau, Apkhazava, Crimi
• Some Chairman changed e.g. Facchetti new Inter President
• Nationalities changed to suit the African Cup of Nations
• All transfers and player amendments added from the text file SI produced
• Includes all that was in v1.
• And much more unnoticeable things that go unappreciated.

Download it here:



Senior Squad
CMSU 1.0

Quick rundown of the features:

- Transfers as of 040202

- Many players changed. Very many indeed, around 2 000. No more "cheat" players like Todorov, Cerci, Roncatto and Tsigalko

- Contracts updated

- Managerial transfers made

- Some clubs economy tweaked

- Stadiums and attendance tweaked

CMSU 1.1

- Over 30 new mediasources added

- Transfers as up to release

- Fixed the missing players

- Re-evaluated a couple of teams (ex. Charlton, Malmö)

- Added an english ReadMe.txt

- Fixed a couple of C-teams

- Fixed a few silly misses made in 1.0

Get it here: ftp://temp1:[email protected]/CM0304/

PS: Right-click and save as...

Over at the SIgames forum, they said that this is the best update so far


Senior Squad
CM Sorted Update

Yet another unofficial update..:D

* Major Transfers and Loans – Jermain Defoe, Martin Taylor, Carl Cort
- Louis Saha, Adriano, Jose Antonio Reyes
- Robert Enke, Dani, plus Many, Many More
* Even more new media sources added covering - England, Italy, Spain
- Belgium, Holland, Portugal
- Denmark, Finland
* More duplicated players removed
* Kit colour changes in Holland and Israel
* Manager changes in many countries - England, Italy, Spain, Israel, Holland, Greece
- Scotland, Wales, South Africa, International Nations
- Ireland, Russia, France, Serbia & Montenegro
* Managers favourite formation altered - Spain, Israel, Holland
* Stadium capacities around the world altered and tweaked to the nearest seat
* Current average attendances implemented from around the world for many teams
* Many club finances altered to suit real life after the transfer window
* Many new players added to the game from around the world
* Corrected playing positions for many players around the world
* Corrected playing attributes for many players around the world
* Staff attributes altered to suit real life
* Some international caps altered to the nearest cap
* Players that are deceased removed from the game – Miklos Feher (R.I.P)
* Latest player injuries added to the game – Veron until end of April
* All the latest transfers in the following countries - England, Italy, Spain
- Germany, Holland, France
- India, Singapore, Ireland
- Wales, Scotland, Portugal
- Denmark, Sweden, Norway
- Turkey, Iceland, Finland
- Russia, Ukraine, Serbia & Montenegro
- Brazil, Argentina, South Korea
- Israel, Belgium, Austria
- Ecuador, Czech Republic, Croatia
- Greece, UAE, South Africa
* Player current and potential abilities altered to avoid unrealistic results/transfers
* Staff at various clubs around Europe altered
* Some club Directors added to the game
* Clubs rival teams/favourite and disliked staff changed to suit real life
* Many player histories corrected/added
* Latest contacts implemented into the game – Alex Ferguson, Ruud van Nistelrooy
- Massimo Ambrosini, Stefan Klos, Darren Carter
* Names of many player and staff corrected
* Player preferences altered and added
* Altered international rivalries – England vs. Turkey
* Some teams in Russia now play in correct league from the start
* Latest player retirements added, staff retirements removed from database
* Birthdays altered to correct as of real life
* Nationalities corrected as to real life - Kanoute, M. Vieri
* More Club captains altered
* More Club reputations altered to real life
* Various staff moved to current club – David Kerslake at Northampton Town
* Some squad numbers altered to start of 2003 season
* Some Stadium pitch sizes altered
* Latest team name change added to the game Lyn Toppfotball to FC Lyn Oslo
- FC Copenhagen name change to FC København
* Some clubs stadium names changed – Hull and St. Mirren also some clubs ground moves added

Get it here:


Senior Squad
and yet another update:

CM Revolution Robson Update 1.5 is now available!!

Fresh version :

- transfers and loans up to 1st March 2004 in the leagues of the
following countries:

England, Scotland, Italy, Germany, France, Austria, the Netherlands,

Portugal, Spain, Turkey, Russia, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland,
Greece, Hungary,

Ukraine, The Czech Republic, Wales, Ireland, Israel, Poland, Japan,
Brazil, Croatia,

Slovenia, Slovakia, Argentina,Mexico, Singapore, Serbia&Montenegro

- deleted many not-actually loans

- more duplicated players removed

- added many American players and staff - Adu, Pope, Meola etc

- nationalities corrected, eg. Thatcher, Bradbury

- transfers and loans in non-playable countries - Latvia, Iceland,Cyprus, Malta, Belarus etc

- many transfers in lower leagues: England, German, Spain,Scotland etc.

- many new players and staff added to database - Jeandupeux, Cmikiewicz, Libeskind etc

- names of many player and staff corrected

- new media sources added in many countries

- many contract extensions –Zidane, King, Valeron etc

- player retirements added - Leweck, Heald, Marquis etc

- manager transfers up to day of release-Romantsev, Luxemburgo etc

- added many players histories, especially American players

- future transfer added –Trajan, Alex , Butelle etc


Fan Favourite
New official patch released!

We are pleased to announce that we have now made available a further patch for CM 03/04 v4.1.5. The patch makes the following fixes and we advise that you have v4.1.4 before installing this version

- Fixed editor problems with staff and regenerated player names
- Tuned player regeneration
- Fixed bug which meant human players were unlikely to obtain jobs by application
- Fixed bug where the International managers would count virtual players when checking the squad size
- English monthly awards now don't get cleared down at the end of the Russian season

Disregard 'we advise that you have v4.1.4 before installing this version'; you HAVE TO HAVE 4.1.4 installed.



Fan Favourite
Originally posted by Glorious_Fan
I get confused with all these patches eft right and centre so it may sound like a stupid question but i have no clue.

i am not post boosting! :(
i want to update CM4 as i have had it for a few months with no updates.

All CM4 stuff is in the first three posts. After that it's all about CM 03/04.


Starting XI
Can someone post a link to a good pre-game editor, because the other ones on this thread dont load up for me.


That Nice Guy is currently down.

Though from there you can download the pregame editor that works for both CM4 and 0304, none of this crap about "but it doesnt work for me..." the editor bloody well works. If it isnt working for you then its likely your version of CM isnt a proper version of CM