Patches, updates, and editors, available for CM4 and 03/04


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the patch still haven't come out :( now already september 9 12.35am at malaysia. i don't think i wanna start a new game without this updates


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Let's make it a decent release:

Name: CM Sorted CM4 03/04 Update
Size: 25.55 MB
Rating: 4.5 stars
Publisher: CM Sorted
Date added: 08-09-2004
Downloads: 49,659 and counting
Description: Update for version 4.1.5

Current features:
* Transfers and loans from around the world up to 6th September
* Manager changes updated in many countries
* Players that have retired are now as staff in the game
* Staff that have retired have been removed from the game
* Deceased players removed from the game
* Over 70 new players added around the world
* A few non-existant people removed from the database
* More duplicates removed
* Both staff and player contracts have been updated
* Ground changes added to the game
* Ground name changes from a few countries altered
* A lot of transfer budgets altered to as near as possible to real life
* A lot of attribute changes to players and staff to suit real life
* Player positions altered to suite real life
* Player and Staff date of births corrected
* Nationalities for many players and staff corrected
* Players that have retired from International football added
* A few player histories added
* Promotion and Relegation from more leagues added to the game
* Long term injuries and bans added to the game (Lee Hughes banned for 6 years)
* Player names corrected
* Club name changes added
* More new club away/third kits are updated
* Club captains altered

Note: backup your db before extracting or using any update!
Get it HERE!


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ive been hearing mixed reports about it however.

Ive got it downloading and i'll try it but people have been complaining about some things.

I'll list a few ive seen, no Defoe at Spurs, No Saha at Scum, Miccoli loaned to fiorentina not co-owned...

These are just a few, can anyone confirm or deny this before i stick it on???


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do you think it is possible to use a cm0304 update on cm4, i might as well try, whats the worst that could happen:)


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I did copy the db over the CM4 one while creating the SG patch once. It worked :)
I used the Nygreen editor to install it though:
- Install the update in another folder than you would to play the game
- open that DB in Nygreen
- save it to the CM4 data\DB folder.



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Did you just say you used a CM03/04 update on your CM4 game and it worked????? please explain in detail how on earth you did this so I can also use it.

Thanks mate


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I did say that.
I just checked it again, though, with the standard 03/04 database, and CM4 wouldn't load it :S
I really thought it did work earlier... I'm really not trusting my memory now :O :confused:

See, I was playing around with the datapath for saving, and thought I accidentally saved the CM 03/04 update over the CM4 update... I tried starting a new game, and it worked. But now I don't remember if I actually checked if the data for the players corresponded to the ones I just created. :S Maybe I accidentally didn't accidentally save it over the CM4 data :(

Sorry for getting your hopes up :(


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TheDugout have the latest CM4 update, the Simon Treanor one, dated 15-10-2003 :S That page also has the latest CMSorted update for CM4, dated 10-10-2003...

Calcio Update have released their 04/05 update, for CM 03/04, yesterday. I copied these specs from TheDugout:
Description (use with 4.1.5):

- Transfers throughout the world as listed on plus info from well respected sources such as World soccer Calcio magazine and my scout network up to release date.
- Manager transfers
- Players contracts updated
- Team names changed
- Finances tweaked to suit recent transfers eg CSKA Moscow, Porto has £38m
- Players added ( Pique, Lupoli etc.)
- Manager contracts updated
- Some kit changes eg. Arsenal's
- Future transfers of players joining clubs in Jan/Jul05
- The following leagues have had promotions, relegations and final league positions updated for the new season; (Spain, Italy, England, Germany, France, Greece, Portugal, Netherlands, Scotland, Turkey, Belguim, Czech Rep, Switzerland, Ukraine, Israel, Austria, Poland, Russia, Serbia & Montenegro, Norway, Bulgaria, Croatia, Sweden, Denmark, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, Cyprus, Slovenis, Finland, Latvia, Moldova, Georgia, Bosnia-Herz, Lithuania, Iceland, Macedonia, Belarus, Ireland, Malta, Armenia, Wales, Lichtenstein, Albania, Estonia, Northern Ireland, Luxembourg, Faroe Island, Azerbajan, Argentina & Brazil)
- UEFA Cup, Champions League and Inter Toto coefficients Updated so that relevant teams are in correct competition.
- League cups and FA cups histories in most leagues changed to suit 03/04 winners & runners up
- Histories changed for most competitions so that it will show who won the competition last season.
- League and cup name changes
- Loans cancelled and new ones applied
- League positions updated
- Staff moves and added staff eg. Peter Lorimer
- Chairmans added eg. Gerald krasner, George Foulkes
- Lots of Player Retirements removed
- Ground moves now taken place eg. Milton Keynes Dons, FC Koln, not Arsenal's
- Second nationalities added
- International retirements
- Most league, cup names changed
- Tweaked a few up and coming youngsters that had very low or no rating
- Obituaries
- Amended some unknown player stats that played in the u17 cup
- Changed some incorrect information data about some players, managers and teams.
- Players positions amended.
- Fake American players deleted as well as their teams eg cleveland riverfire, seattle monsoon, and players like Kevin Kling, Bobby Bule, Richie Williams etc.


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ruud, just checked the nygreen site and it doesnt to be up anymore, hence the links in the page wont work.


indeed neither Sir Didier*s or my posts with the links to the site work anymore.