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Patches in .cmp format


Club Supporter
I noticed that the Uruguay League patch DOES NOT WORK!

First of all, it's in .dkz format, not .cmp. What is a .dkz by the way?

When I tried to rename it into .cmp, it simply didn't work.

I want the REAL Uruguay League patch in a .cmp!


Reserve Team
Great thread. Really helpful. Fifa Serbia have done the top 2 Serbian Leagues as a .exe file, but they might allow someone to convert it into .cmp. Theres also .exe files of the Romanian and Bulgarian Leagues on this forum somewhere which might possibly be converted. Personally i can't even get them to install though.

Edit: Same problem as everyone else with the Uruguay League.


Club Supporter
hi guys..
i download the mogolos patch v2 rar i install it... but it not reload anything at game..
greek teams and stadiums are not installed...

mogolos help ligo re


Club Supporter
Geißbock23;2584235 said:

Yeah! Yay for FIFA Dome!

I thought they completely pissed on 08 since 09 was released but it's not true! Cool!

Anyway, you're working for FIFA Dome, aren't you?

Will there ever be an addon for the National Classics Patch with Poland '74 and '82? Their lack in the patch is sad. Very sad.


Senior Squad
These two patches are the last FIFA 08 Patches. There won't come an update for the Classics Patch for 08. Maybe a classics patch for 09.


Club Supporter
Geißbock23;2584367 said:
These two patches are the last FIFA 08 Patches. There won't come an update for the Classics Patch for 08. Maybe a classics patch for 09.

What a shame!

I thought so that FIFA 08 will be completely pissed on when 09 gets released....
It's especially sad considering that 09 is no better than 08 at all and NOT worth buying.


Club Supporter
NaFeR;2567947 said:
Primera Division AFA (Argentinian League)

The cmp was extracted from the "Liga Argentina BETA 08 Patch"

Emiliano Videla: DB,Kits, Flags, Mini Kits, Logos, Etc
Angel Asperilla: Stadiums
Mat_T (Matias Jerez): Faces
Santups (Santiago Illo): Faces
Arnau (Arnau Perez): Faces
Santiarg (Santiago Canto): Faces
DAP (Diego Palacios): Faces
Nazareno Oviedo: Kits
Darioferrari (Dario Ferrari): Faces

Link of download =
Mirror 1 = http://files.filefront.com/Primera+Division+AFArar/;11680119;/fileinfo.html
Mirror 2 = http://rapidshare.com/files/140682097/Primera_Division_AFA.rar.html

/.../ answer was in the text


Club Supporter

yes when i load the patch (after created) some players who was edited they back to normal :s

When we load the patch we put create or replace in options?


Club Supporter
Does anyone happen to have the El Salvador patch or the China Super League patch? Neither link is active anymore; if new links could be posted that would be sweet!


Club Supporter

I downloaded bangladesh.cmp for Fifa 2008!

but i dont know how to use .cmp files in fifa ?? can anyone please help me out ... ????