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Patches in .cmp format


Starting XI
any chance of updated rosters in CMP format i really cant fine them anywhere needs to have Nasri and Ramsey at Arsenal and all the other major transfers in it!


Reserve Team
Primera Division AFA (Argentinian League)

The cmp was extracted from the "Liga Argentina BETA 08 Patch"

Emiliano Videla: DB,Kits, Flags, Mini Kits, Logos, Etc
Angel Asperilla: Stadiums
Mat_T (Matias Jerez): Faces
Santups (Santiago Illo): Faces
Arnau (Arnau Perez): Faces
Santiarg (Santiago Canto): Faces
DAP (Diego Palacios): Faces
Nazareno Oviedo: Kits
Darioferrari (Dario Ferrari): Faces

Link of download =
Mirror 1 = http://files.filefront.com/Primera+Division+AFArar/;11680119;/fileinfo.html
Mirror 2 = http://rapidshare.com/files/140682097/Primera_Division_AFA.rar.html



Reserve Team
I created a CMP file of Russian Premier League

Link of Download = http://files.filefront.com/Russian+Premier+League+CMPrar/;11679911;/fileinfo.html

Credits for:

Stingray said:
Main developers:
Anton Samoylov (Stingray)
Nikolay Burenko (burr)
Dmitry Bozhko (WINter)

Egor Artemenko (-=ViERi=-)
Max Pestrikov (NightFire)
Jaroslav Makhnenko (jasikgas)
Sergio (Sheva14)
Serj Presnyakov (T90)
Alex Malchikhin (Inferno_81)
Alex Rumyantsev (Del Neri)
Serj Korchagin (Knuckles)
Kirill Nilov (Man)
Dmitry Bozhko (WINter)

Andy Feshenko (Dusya84)
Dmitry Sawitsky (Sawa)
Alex Nikolaev (AlN!ck)
Anton Samoylov (Stingray)
Kim Khanakok (@driAno)
Mikhail Komarichev (ElMiZ)

Anton Samoylov (Stingray)
Nikolay Burenko (burr)
Dmitry Bozhko (WINter)
Vlad Krivorot (JayToby)
Michael Black (Mikkie)
Alexandre Poddubny (aleXP93)
Andy Kuchma (kick me)

Nikolay Efimov (Frantismod)

Database editing:
Nikolay Burenko (burr)
Dmitry Oleynikov (dimonfclm)
Dmitry Ermilov (Zenit)
Alex Budukov (budipimps)

Popups, GUI & video:
Anton Samoylov (Stingray)
Alexandre Poddubny (aleXP93)

Our international friends:

Developers pages:



Club Supporter
I found one really awesome-looking patch, but it's in .exe, so someone must make it into a .cmp.

It's here!

It's the patch which adds the leagues of former Yugoslavia. If someone does .cmps for every league in that patch (I think one league per one .cmp, as too big .cmps make the computer freeze), I'll be grateful!


Club Supporter
I found an awesome .cmp patch!

Ukrainian Premier League! By Richardo from FIFA Hungary (All Rights Reserved to him, I'm just posting the link)

And here's the update with fixed kits and cups.

And anyway, if it wasn't already posted, here's the ČFL Patch by FIFA.cz. There is just a problem. ČFL is the third Czech division and there is no patch for second division.

I have also some more patches to post but they are in .exes and I wish someone could make .cmps of them. But now, I'm waiting for the Yugoslavian patch .cmps.


Club Supporter
NaFeR;2568949 said:
it's a problem of your db file :(

the thing is that I load the UKrainian League to my fifa and I works right, but when I load the Russian League it crashes... so I don't know. Any help?