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OFFICIAL FIFA Infinity Patch 14 v5 (FIFA 14 HBZ Mod 22/23 Season)


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Good night, how to fix this bug?


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There are some errors still in some kitnumbers and fonts specially UCL or international competitions, Man City's away kitnumbers and font are not the color they should be (Gold, same as the shirt's brand and publicity), same happens with GK City kitnumbers in those games, Arsenal's away kit are white when in european competitions they're gold/brown, again same as brand and publicity, Real Madrid's 3rd kit kitnumbers are yellow in the patch when they should be fluorescent green and they don't change other than LaLiga's numbers model in any competition, also Sporting Lisboa's 3rd kit kitnumbers are white as the kit so you can't really notice them. Those are some I've found so far, hope you fix this and assign them correctly to improve your amazing patch! Thanks a lot


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Training kits in skill games are missing.

And I wanted to ask if this mod is also meant for player career? I tried playing it but it crashes in the menu.


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Harry BullZak congratulations for your mode ... excuse me if i sound ignorant but does this update contain Egypt - WE Premier League and does the facepack contain Egyptian players ?​

if it does how can i find it and one more thing can you tell me teams ids ?​

Same thing here, can't seem to find the egyptian league and many other leagues mentioned in this mod...


Senior Squad
Anyone has this problem, not seeing the name of the stadium come up . It's on saying like stadium name _5 etc,not saying Etihad, anfeild,emirates etc
Harry clearly said it that it will be fixed in new db update,
Same thing here, can't seem to find the egyptian league and many other leagues mentioned in this mod...
Egyptian league is in the CAF pack which is not yet released
Read the first page for details friend