OFFICIAL FIFA Infinity Patch 14 v4 (FIFA 14 HBZ Mod 21/22 Season)


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I like to edit the team kits and when I save the changes with CM15 the game crashes on July 19 and I can't continue the career mode in which I had 1 season. I tried the solution of loading compdata career mode, and it no longer crashes on July 19, but I try to play the race that I have been in for 1 season and it does not allow me, it tells me that the file is damaged. Any solution please. first of all, Thanks


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Whenever I customise a player using cm 15 and play a career mode the game crashes on July 20. Is there any fix for this?


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Whenever I customise a player using cm 15 and play a career mode the game crashes on July 20. Is there any fix for this?
I think yes. As we had discussed before in this thread there is a known issue with CM14/15 and career mode, but also a workaround. Looks like this:

As Harry wrote in the release notes, when saving your DB in CM14/15 (you don't even have to have made any changes), it seems to make changes to the compdata (non-DB data related to career mode) that makes careers crash for some (like for me: whenever starting a career in the EPL or Ligue 1, then the game would crash to the Desktop in July).

Harry also writes how to solve this, but this was not entirely clear to me, so that I had not followed the instructions properly first. These are the steps that work:
  1. Make your changes in CM14/15 as needed.
  2. Open the Tournament Manager (installed with FIP, can be found in the Game folder).
  3. There's a button "Load default tournaments". Press this button.
  4. Then press the big button at bottom left "Install Career Mode Compdata".
  5. A popup appears informing you that new compdata has been installed.
  6. After that start a new career. It should be stable now.
With this my careers were stable again. It does not have any effect on a career already started, so you'll have to start a new one.

I have tried to make this rather verbose as this question seems to pop up every now and then, so that there's now something to link to if needed in the future.


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@Harry BullZak
Thanks for keeping fifa14 alive. Kudos for your good works. Pls I can't see my national team(Ghana) in the patch. I am using V4.10 St. Please hoping to see Team Ghana in your next update because we qualified for world cup 2022. Thanks ones again


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Anyone who can help me out with FIWC stadium, it always seems to be appear black or did I install stadium pack incorrectly? Because when I play with Saudi Arabia it is always black.


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Hey Harry!
Your mod is absolutely amazing! Congratulations!
I just wanna ask you what body models you have for female players? (I saw you made women's international league in the last update) I wanna make an all female version of fifa but the female body models i've used before was always some problem with them. (The player's neck out of the kit and some like this...etc...)
So i would be really grateful if you could upload the body models you have in this patch.