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OFFICIAL FIFA Infinity Patch 14 v4 (FIFA 14 HBZ Mod 21/22 Season)

King AJ

Starting XI
@Harry BullZak : I came across some random crashes..

I am playing FIP14 v4.10 ST version and faced some crashes when using Manchester United. Whenever the Winter transfer window is open(active), there will be some random crashes happening.. Not in a particular day. This occurred in two consecutive seasons.. ( 22/23 and 23/24 season).

Otherwise, everything is fine.

King AJ

Starting XI
How we can desibel the crowd without losing high graphics?
I know if I'm playing on low quality.. The crowd will be deleted but the graphics it will be very bad
extract this file into
FIFA 14\Game\data\fifarna\lua\assets

Note: Save and backup the original file.


  • crowd.zip
    1.4 KB · Views: 136

Carlos Teheran

Youth Team
@Harry BullZak I'm Doing A Career Mode With AZ ALKMAAR FROM THE NETHERLANDS I'm Going For The Second Season Since The First Season When I Qualify For The Europa Confere League The First Match The Game Is Closed


Club Supporter
Please guys.. Can anybody pass me gk gloves for fifa 14..?
I have problem with gk gloves.. The texture its not correct when I'm open it by cm 15


Club Supporter
I'm making a Real Madrid 2022/23 Kitnumber, in fact I have the RM Kitnumber from the 2011/12 season.



Club Supporter
Sorry for the inconvenience, I have a problem with the mod in dt mode, the error is that when I enter the team quarry it exits the game.
Thank you for your help.


Club Supporter
Guys, i have 2 questions:
1. How i can get and turn on english commentaries in fifa 14?
2. Maybe someone has kits for Manchester United season 22/23?
P.s.: my version of patch FIP14 v.4.10


Club Supporter
hello guys, let's see if you can help me, I play in career mode with a second division team and I'm climbing little by little, the thing is that the state of the grass on which I play as a local looks very deteriorated, could you help me put the pitch in good condition. Thank you


Club Supporter
Guys, are you also having problems editing Fifa after Patch 4.1.0 is already installed? Creation Master 14 presents a series of problems in the "Library", practically it only serves to regenerate BH. The 15 can still be used more, but I can't create a player properly because I can't see the hair options and the eye is always blue.