Nothing's working anymore?!?


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OK, so I decided to use my mods on a fresh FIFA install.
I did everything I could not to screw anything up, readded in each of my .CMPs, restructured the competitions to fit everything, regenerated everything at the end.

Now, when I get into the game, Kick-Off works fine... BUT NOTHING ELSE DOES!!!
I can't play Career, can't play any Tournaments, can't play the Women's World Cup, NOTHING!
And I just can't seem to figure out why! Used to be only some leagues would crash Career if you chose them, but now I can't even ENTER any mode that isn't Kick-Off without the game crashing back into the desktop!!!
I need someone to help me with this, please. I'm even more desperate than before.


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To elaborate:
* I've checked that all leagues appear in-game (all those I still have, anyway);
* I double-checked the league structures ranking tables and corrected the ones that were wrong;
* I put the exact number of NTs I have for International Friendlies;
* I made sure my schedule.txt is under 7,000 lines;
* and also that every team has at least 18 players (with every NT having exactly 23);
* and I always regenerate everything.

I even took care of non-displaying graphics to be on the safe side.
But nothing seems to work! No Career, no Tournaments, no Women's Cup!
N O T H I N G !
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