New Kits 2011/2012

Master Pi a Gi

Starting XI
Mockup of Benfica Away next season



Big Daddy
Nady;2981088 said:
Looks too old fashioned to my liking. Looks very similar to this 1984 jersey

I hate retro jerseys.

I like the 1985 shirt, I've got a replica!

As for the new one, if they had the black and white of the collar reversed, it'd look better.


Reserve Team
I wonder how far away we are from national teams getting new kits for every game they play.

And club teams changing kits midway through the season.

Is there a single prominent club team left that doesn't change both home and away every single season?

The leagues need to create a rule that teams must keep the same kits for at least 3 seasons or something.