New Kits 2011/2012


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Nady;2981014 said:
The United one sucks big time :willis:

It looks like a jersey in the 1980s.

I like it...nice and simple, and the collar has that classy retro touch to it.

Really need to see it in action though...


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Looks too old fashioned to my liking. Looks very similar to this 1984 jersey

I hate retro jerseys.


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A shameful rock-bottom for Russia. Starting out with a 2009 "Best Jersey" winner, switching to a worse horizontal lines and now this... Beyond my words... Why change the amazing kit they had back in 2009?


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Possibly because they didn't make it to the World Cup last year?
Not saying that is THE reason, but it could be a factor.


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They have changed it during the play-off game against Slovenia, and LOST.
The most probable reason is shirt sale...sigh. Juventus had many good away kits in the past, and what do they have now? Shakhtar Donetsk is changing their away next season, eventhough their current one is terrific. Bad situation.
Also, to add, I'm looking to buy the Russia's 2009 shirt I mentioned before, but it is sold out everywhere. While 2010's shirt is massively available in each size.

Here is Zenit St.Petersburg shirt for next season, presented by Roman Shirokov (Zenit's mildfielder) in his blog:

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We apologize for keeping the yellow too long
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The new Barcelona and Man United jerseys look very old fashioned. They are just horrible.

This year's United shirt was horrible too. We're not in 1993 anymore.

As for the Brazil jersey, the line is NOT the biggest problem. The sleeves ARE.