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National Teams Mod by Ovide

before I upload the last 3 parts of the all-in-one. what do you think of the mod

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Club Supporter
ok first and first file master don`t worrking on windows 10 i have the last update of windows 10, i have the last update of net framework, i try every step on file master on youtube but no`t opening, i try troubleshoot compatibility but not working, really i want play this patch, i have regenerate with creation master or i68 the game working but don`t show me the national teams only the logo :( i really need a little bit help if anybody have time :) many thanks


Club Supporter
I´ve started updating roster for all 32 teams in world cup maybe next monday update will be released with kits updated, aboards, kitoverlay and referree kits


Club Supporter
Ok thanks for information but make the patch work for everybody why file master dont working on windows 10
I just don´t know, most users dont have problems with the mod, I have windows 10 and cm, file master and i68 regenerator works for me, the only problem is jenkey´s tool but I´m not a technician and know why they dont work


Club Supporter


Murillo 14

Club Supporter
try with Fifa File Loader of Jenkey, so you do not have to do a new FIFA installation, no need to regenerate