world cup

  1. TheWickets

    TheWickets personal world cup mod, all kind of graphics

    I want create a personal world cup mod every FIFA, I will work every year on first 70's nations of real setember FIFA ranking. I will post kits, flags, stadium dressing textures free to download. I will use UCL kick/off to create my mod. Feel free to download some of my staff for your mods and...
  2. S

    World Cup 2022

    Do you think Qatar is ready for the 2022 World Cup? make your voices heard here:
  3. F

    Who Is The Champion Of The 2018 FIFA World Cup ?

    France defeated Uruguay, Belgium defeated Brazil, Britain defeated Sweden, Croatia defeated Russia,Who is the champion of the 2018 FIFA World Cup?If you play FIFA 18,you can leave me a message,we can talk about this game.
  4. V.K

    World Cup 2018 National Songs & Chants

    Hi guys! I'm currently travelling between World Cup cities and enjoying this amazing tournament. They say each team has their own song which plays before the game and after goals. If you can help identify your (or any other) team song , I'd really appreciate it! National songs identified so...
  5. nikolapfc89

    FIFA World Cup 2018 Graphic/Stuff

    If someone is interested, we could make movies for entrance (CGFS 16) taken from fifa 18, like this: Is there files in fifa 18 game that we could use for that? Or we must use YT videos and convert it? Also it could be good to add music into video, i dont know maybe WC song, but i had i my...
  6. cuhaismail

    I Need World Cup Update Kits

    I can not find the kits (for Nike 2019 kit patterns) that came with the World Cup Update from Frosty Editor, please help... :(
  7. ovide

    National Teams Mod by Ovide

    All-in-one 2021
  8. Jesse J Rutheford

    Theme + Scoreboard World Style Russia 2018

    Hi guys, I show you my work, focused on the World Cup. I hope you like it. For more images and download the mod, visit my page.
  9. Jesse J Rutheford

    Fifa World Cup DerArzt26

    Hello everyone, here I share what you do so far. Create 30 of the 32 selections that will attend Russia 2018. Some catches. Visit my Facebook page, to get the links and see all the captures within the Game. Facebook: The...
  10. ovide

    2018 world cup kitnumbers

    hello everyone, I´m converting kitnumbers for 2018 world cup kits from @Wallcowicky
  11. Josue Vasquez

    Vzpz's Faces

    Hi there, I'm going to create faces of World Cup teams. I'll start with South American countries. In first place with the peruvian national team.
  12. Kingternaziole1999

    New Kits For WC 2002

    Hello everyone, who wants the uniform of the Colombian team? Hola a todos ¿quien quiere el uniforme de la seleccion colombia?