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National Teams Mod by Ovide

before I upload the last 3 parts of the all-in-one. what do you think of the mod

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messi as

Club Supporter
bro they are banned,
football has nothing with politics, they should be allow to play
I didn't say anything, the brand on the shirt just caught my attention.

I need the Arena do Gremio stadium that is in your mod, since that one can be seen in HD and I want to put it in Harry's mod, is there a trick one, can you pass it to me?

messi as

Club Supporter
What's going to happen tomorrow:


  • fifa14 17-06-2024 21-29-24-932.jpg
    fifa14 17-06-2024 21-29-24-932.jpg
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  • fifa14 17-06-2024 21-46-29-229.jpg
    fifa14 17-06-2024 21-46-29-229.jpg
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messi as

Club Supporter
You have to take out the deceased goalkeeper.


  • fifa14 17-06-2024 21-49-29-302.jpg
    fifa14 17-06-2024 21-49-29-302.jpg
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  • fifa14 17-06-2024 21-49-34-452.jpg
    fifa14 17-06-2024 21-49-34-452.jpg
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