Must-Have Downloads for FIFA 09 - The List


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because i don't use CC09 or whatever because it stuffs up my game and their the only adboards i want anyway
PS anyone have the link for the EPL stadiums pack


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ELICIT;2647179 said:
Im running windows vista, is there a loader that will work for windows vista? Cuz ive been trying all of the recomended ones and they dont run. If so can i get the link? Thank you in advance for your support and help.

right click on it and go to the compatability tab and change it to XP or something


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haven't got permission yet but found great patch by Krystian_82
may need to get permission it's called Calendar Evolution 09 it's 796kb

it's features are

1) Insert real calendar and fixtures in your manager mode
2) Add Champions League (with its calendar) to the first year with choice of the 7 missing teams
3) Add Uefa Cup (with its calendar) to the first year with choice of missing teams
4) From the second year to the last: fix eventually double teams that could appear in Champions and Uefa or two times in the same cup
5) Play manager mode with a second team
Austria: T-Mobile Bundesliga, Belgium: Jupiler League, Denmark: SAS Ligaen, France: Ligue 1, Ligue 2, Germany: Bundesliga 1, Bundesliga 2, England: Barclays Premier League, Coca-Cola Championship, Italy: Serie A TIM, Serie B TIM, Norway: Tippeligaen, Holland: Eredivisie, Portugal: Liga Sagres, Spain: Liga BBVA, Liga Adelante, Sweden: Allswenskan, Poland: Orange Ekstraklasa, Swiss: Axpo Super League, Brazil: Campeonato Brasileiro, Ireland: FAI Eircom League, Czech Republic: Gambrinus Liga, Scotland: Scottish Premier League


if you don't have a login it's


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greek commentary

is there anybody who can help me with a greek comentary for fifa 09...?upload or a link...much appreciated :)


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WHERE IS Sound Master 09?

This is really doing my head in. I just downloaded the EPL Soundpack, and I can't install the damn soundpack into the game.

The only link to Sound Master 09 I can find is to File Front homepage.

Can someone help me so I can get this game going?!


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wwwescape;2587159 said:
BFL stadiums by BFL Team
EL Madrigal Stadium grass FIX by bruno167 (Official Thread)
England Stadiums fix by bruno167 (Official Thread)
Ewood Park by Puliciclone (Official Thread)
Ewood Park by Baresi - Plagiarism
FIFA 09 Stadium Megapack -
WARNING: This patch seems to made up of stolen stadiums without proper permissions.​
France Stadiums fix by bruno167 (Official Thread)
HNL Stadiums by
Italian Stadiums fix by bruno167 (Official Thread)
San Paolo stadium by Turco87 - FIFAMania
Stade Michel D'Ornano by ludo (Official Website)
Villa Park - Stadium by Alex130995 - FIFAEditing

Chants & Anthems
1. Bundesliga Goalsounds by BTSVPrinzessin - FIFADome
2. Bundesligasoundpatch by aggroer - FIFA Point
Barclays + Coca-Cola Championship + Celtic and Rangers by BrunolokoIF (Official Thread)
Bundesliga 1 & 2 by BrunolokoIF (Official Thread)
Bundesliga Soundpatch by apollox - FIFA4Fans
FIFA 09 Mega National Anthems Patch Work In Progress by wwwescape (Official Thread)
FIFA 09 PC AFF Suzuki Cup Chants Patch Release by MSL09 Patcher
France League Sound Patch by BrunolokoIF (Official Thread)
International Chants 09 by BrunolokoIF (Official Thread)
International Chants Vol 2 by BrunolokoIF (Official Thread)
Keeper and Rapid Wien Soundpatch
by TeneCee - FIFADome
Lega Calcio Serie A & B Sound Patch by BrunolokoIF (Official Thread)
Liga BBVA Sound Patch (SPA) by BrunolokoIF (Official Thread)
Major League Soccer - Sound Patch by BrunolokoIF (Official Thread) [Mirror1]
Super Liga Chants (Serbia) by FIFASerbiaOnline
T-Mobile Bundesliga Sound Pack by BrunolokoIF (Official Thread)

1. Bundesliga Fontpack by Fontmaker - FIFADome
1. Bundesliga Kitpack by FIFADome
3. Liga Torwarttrikotpatch by Alex130995 - FIFAEDITING
Adidas Referee Kitpack by Raptoxx - FIFADome
FIFA 09 UEFA National Teams Kits Pack by AJ
Korea Kits Pack 2009 v1.0 by Kim Sa-Eun - FIFAKorea
NOTE: You need to register at to be able to download this patch.​
Tipp3 Bundesliga Fontpatch by RapidFan - FIFA4Fans

09 Adboard Tool by MonkeyDragon
09 Boot Tool by MonkeyDragon
09 Flag Tool by MonkeyDragon
09 Kit Tool + 09 Kit Tool Update 1.5 + 09 Kit Tool Update 2.0 by MonkeyDragon
09 Popups Tool by MonkeyDragon (Official Thread) Hall Of Fame
09 Popups Tool Add-Ons (UnOfficial):
Premiere Austria TV Popup by Rapidfan - FIFA4Fans​
09 Scoreboard Tool + 09 Popups Tool + Scoreboard & Popups Tutorial DEAD by MonkeyDragon
NOTE: MonkeyDragon has stopped making tools and patches for FIFA games.​
Creation Master 09 Update by Rinaldo (Official Thread) Hall Of Fame
DB Master 09 by Rinaldo (Official Thread)
Face Design Master 09 Update by Rinaldo (Official Thread)
Fifa 09 Backup Programm by FIFA4Fans
FIFA 09 Customizer Lite by
FIFA 09 Facepreview by TeneCee & Carlos*son - FIFADome
FIFA 09 Fat Rebuilder by FIFA 4 Fans
FIFA 09 FifaMania Regenerator 09 by Krystian82 - FIFAMania (Official Thread)
FIFA 09 Music Changer by
FifaLightWorker Update by Ludo
FifaMania Fat Controller 09 by Outsider 87 - FIFAMania (Official Thread)
OfilesWorker by Ludo
fifaFS 5.2.40
File Master 09 by Rinaldo (Official Thread)
Internal Master 09 by Rinaldo (Official Thread)
Kit Design Master 09 (Full Package) | Kit Design Master 09 by Rinaldo (Official Thread)
Manager Master 09 DEAD by Rinaldo
OEdit (Official Site)
Sound Master 09 by Rinaldo (Official Thread)

Continued in Post #6


Also please suggest new tools and patches that can be added to this list and I will add them here.

File Master 09 download site (filefront) is down. Please help. Is there another site wherein I can download the tool aside from filefront?

Thanks :)


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Can't seem to find File Master 09. Link is down in which linked me to filefront. Is there any other site I can download the tool?


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yes the link is down....plz send us other links to download from or plz upload those files again on filefront somebody...plz


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Hallo i ve installed the FIFA 09 Stadium mega pack. The problem ist that my fifa doesnt work anymore. What can i do ?


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FifaFan16;2680705 said:
Hallo i ve installed the FIFA 09 Stadium mega pack. The problem ist that my fifa doesnt work anymore. What can i do ?

install the stadium pack on a fresh clean fifa game and it will work for sure
aaa...and take care to delete the fifa 09 folder from my documents!
i hope this helped!


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wwwescape;2587135 said:
I have compiled a list of the best Must-Have Downloads for FIFA 09 with direct links for each of them. I spend most of my time searching the Internet and this forum for the same and thought of starting this thread. I hope this list will help many of you.

Malaysia Super League season 2009 - MSL4FIFA09 version 2 by MSL09 Patcher (Official Site)

Just to inform you guys that I have release version 3 of MSLPL4FIFA09 patch, Malaysia Super League ans Malaysia Premier League season 2009. This is the latest link Official Malaysia Super League FIFA09 (PC) Patch Site
and Direct Link for download