Must-Have Downloads for FIFA 09 - The List


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Is there any news on a new and working link for Creation master for fifa 09? Or could someone put make a link accessable somewhere.

thanks for all the work


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What's happening with the CMP links??

Can someone tell me why almost all the published cmp files have broken links??? Japanese League, Romanian League, Russian League, Greek League..... All of these patches have "virtually" cmp versions but i can't download them... If Filefront is dead (which i presume to be a reality....) can someone PLEASE reupload these files to another file sharing site? megaupload, rapidshare, badongo, easyshare.... there are so many options and i bet all the FIFA fans would be extremely grateful!!! :-D


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hi buddy i need help for gamepad.

im new to this forum.And i recently bought gamepad(Logitech rumblepad2) can u help in finding the tutorials to do tricks for fifa09 using this gamepad please.:(


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I agree with Tiagoreix, most of the cmp patches links are broken, can somebody re-upload them, some people would like to have them in a safe sharing site. thx


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They should try using Mediafire. Unlimited storage and its free, and they never delete your files. I mod Madden alot, and I use it to post my work.


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hi there please help me.i am looking for arsenal white with blue strip kit,can anyone give me the site or upload it for me.thanx in advance.


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Ukraine Premier League Needed!

plz anyone create ukraine premier league for FIFA 09

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