Mogolos' CMP and Patches Project


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Hi my friends!

I am making patches since 2008, alone or with GSP team. This year was really hard. Work, work and work, limited time for editing. I fact I bought the game in 11 December 2013. The only work I did was to make almost all kits for the greek Superleague for my good friends crazy and Daniel in Fifa Infinity! Their patches were both great and I have to honestly congratulate them for their work!
I made this section because I personally want to include some basic EA standards in my own game and (why not?) everyone's one. Moreover I need help and this is the main reason that I focused my attempt in Soccergaming forums. I mean that I want here people with knowledge in editing/creating e.g. flags, banners, balls, people to manage Revolution Mod works (I apologize I have not idea about this fantastic project). Everyone who helps is automatically credited and copyrighted. Especially people who give a habd in difficult sections have the possible extented rights in this patch (sharing/download sections). In Greece only me and pao4ever studied and mike, experimented and worked so much. Moreover, as I want betatesters, I can find enough ammount of them here considering the dissapointing results of my previous attempts.

What I did so far:

I was able thanks to the great tools of Rinaldo to make the entire Superleague Greece including all the 18 teams, exluding of course the annoying existing of AEK inside. Also I inserted the OPAP Greek Cup inside. Both of these tournaments have been tested hard by me and worked fine in tournament and career mode.

So, what's the +plus?

1) These competitions do not replace any other league or infect the structure of other Leagues. They are playable without making any change in the other tournaments. I used as protype/prototype the Netherland League (same ammount of teams) and using the Creatinon Master I added in Fifa Greece (tournaments) and pasted the hole Holland's structure inside (stages, groups, copied 2D trophies, replaced dutch teams with greek ones in the new structure and so on). I used turkish league ID's 68 and cup 268 because I know by people inside that this has to make the game stable in working. Although I knew the Greek original ID I did not use it because of the old ID of Greek Cup (24).
Greek teams have the original EA ids (important too for the game stability, people can find them by googling in SG).
Moreover I have inserted all the players using their original IDs and ratings with Sofifa (great site) help and my installed fifa games in my pc (09,10, 11 and so on), even and for lower interest players and nation (Robbie had released a database with all national team and players database in past with all authentic IDs). Of course in order to succeed I focused in this inside SG great thread and a similar one in the same forum section and followed the instructions in modding the proper dlc files. I added lines assigned to my new competition there and in the db in the sheet leagueteam links I assigned to the created greek teams the dutch team datas according to the team positions. For example, Ajax data to Olympiakos, 18th dutch to 18th greek team. This is importan to be done because almost all do not give a penny to this, but it has to do with how normally the tournament goes on, instead of watching the 15 team champion winner!!! (it has important things inside like team form, year targets and others). I edited also teamplayerlinks because of the important data it has inside (top scorer of team, yellows, player form, things that if you insert a new team are all random or zero). Even Lattude and longtitude has been insered in the new teams for more normal playing. The only I did not get is what ethnicity means in teams sheet in db, same country teams have different ethnicity value...
A point here: Rinaldo might have more editing options in his CM 14 in order to edit the things above.

2) The following have not been tested yet, work in progress:

Using excell I merged the first database with the updated to 10/12/2013 and got all updated till this date: teams, players, rosters without loosing any palyer!!! (Gekas, Djebbour are in the free agents, ready to be used and a lot of olayers who were not present in the new update of EA).

I added the most important european teams, not according to their fame but their presense in CL an Europa League:

1) Steaua 2) Fenerbahche, 3) Viktoria Plzen, 4) Apollon Limassol 5) Dynamo Kyiv, 6) Dinamo Zagreb 7) Omonoia 8) APOEL 9) Besiktas 10) Dnipro 11) Sherrif 12) Chornomorets 13) HNK Rijeka 14) Maccabi Haifa 15) Maccabi Tel Aviv 16) Trabzonspor 17) NK Maribor 18) Pandurii 19) PFK Ludogorets 20) Shakhter Karagandy

tip: I downloaded all these in Creation Centre of EA and inserted the data usin CM (UG Content), then edited and corrected!

I need some friends here or friendly sites to provide me skilled people to:

1) can assign Revolution mod in this patch
2) banner, flag makers, adboard makers
3) the most important: people who are skilled to manage the way that amost all or most of these team and the proper greek ones will participate in European competitions without problem in career mode.

I did not request kits because as kitmaker I cam mke them or in the worst choice I ll use generic ones.

Thanks for reading, I ll keep you informed asap

You help, you are a part of this patch!



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LUKEID;3605053 said:
It think you forogt to add Slovan Liberec and did you make an update to these teams from creation centre(rosters,kit numbers etc. according to their official websites or transfermarkt?

And why Omonia?

slovan added me no mistake, and yes they updated sayed to me in skype

Omonoia is a favourite team in Greece and Cyprus, that is the why.


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I am very close to complete my work. I am waiting for the latest EA transfer data to give a go to my patch. Many things are made in afine way so far!


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mogolos;3625835 said:
I am very close to complete my work. I am waiting for the latest EA transfer data to give a go to my patch. Many things are made in afine way so far!

:clap: Dear Mogolos,

You did it your "miracle" once again !

Συγχαρητήρια φίλε Βλάσση, για μία ακόμη φορά ! :clap:


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Thank u all for your comments and support!!! It's a work in low speed due to the fact that I work this plan without help and my free time is almost limited. But, everything is in a good way! I have added a lot of surprising things but let me not announce them here but later. It will be for sure a "must have" patch due to the work in the details and the suprising database. It is worth to wait, it is worth to test, it is worh to compare!!!
I have been working in a revoluntary way to update ALL teams to 14 February 2014 EA table!!!


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Και η Β' Εθνική ?
Ειλικρινά συγχαρητήρια !!!


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wooooooooooooow!!!! we wait, we wait, we wait! the other man Simonetos in his patch only good has your kits, jajajaajajajajajajajajajajaja
Mabe your or crazy database, I wait to relesae his patch and comparo

go go go go Mogoloco!!!!!! make me malaka!


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Mondragon, thanks but I really do not care about other people patches, I am focused on my own.

Anyway, m patch for greek Superleague will be released on Saturday 7 March, 2.00 a.m.

Everything updated according to EA rosters updates and some great surprises!


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Fine news!!!

My beta testers can ensure me that there is no crash in career mode!!! All teams have the accurate EA roster updates. I managed to make the new names visible atlast! (New player names in EA updates could not be visible in game, the game can not read playernames above 29000, so I have to use a trick!)

Cypriot users can have plus to Omonoia, APOEL, Apollon, ANORTHOSIS and AEL!!!

Added RED STAR BELGRAD (VIVA brothers!!!!!!!!!!!) and PARTIZAN (boooooooH), Dinamo Bucuresti, Penarol Modevideo and Nacional Modevideo!!!

About Second division I am going to leave it because there are many strange things in relegations and promotions


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you can use my omonoia banners!!


mogolos;3633105 said:
Penarol Modevideo and Nacional Modevideo!!!

nice to see these clubs in a patch.

mogolos;3633105 said:
About Second division I am going to leave it because there are many strange things in relegations and promotions

shouldn't be a problem if you do it correctly, if you already have data for both leagues send me the compdata folder.


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The thing is that the Second Greek division is divided into two groups (north and south). Is it possible that each team that is relegated is placed in the division according to it's region?. As far as I can remember such system did not exist in the previous versions of fifa...