[MOD] Revolution Mod '14


Youth Team
I can't even find cl.ini in .big files
And even couldn't make cl.ini from CP 14 to work on my another FIFA 14 folder
well you just need to create a text file and rename it like that
and maybe try to regenerate after that
or you can try with rna.ini


Senior Squad
try this
It is classified as an accessory, a list of accessory IDs are included in the documentation. Look for "wrist" not "wristle". Remember, this mod only allows existing accessories to be swapped, not add new ones (you can add new ones by editing the database).

It is the same as FIFA 13, the statement just goes in a different file.

I can not see any errors. Make sure there are no errors in the files where those statements are. Try regenerating. Do you have V1.2 of the mod installed?

See above.

No, the download page will tell you the full list of features.
how to add accessory in player with color?