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gutymann;3749983 said:
how I can place a referee uniform for a specific team and for a league? thank you very much?

The documentation explains how to add referee kits for a tournament or for specific matches.


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scouser please
Why I only appears one goalkeeper kit for borussia dortmund when I put three on the kit and fifarna folder??
thanks for all


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KTN981;3710187 said:
Is this possible with the new version? I tried using the automated boots option like this:


also, like this:


but it didn't work. Help? (11=id of Man Utd; 13=id of Premier League)

Does the bottom two work? If so, what does "2" and "22" stand for?

Tony Spike

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scouser09;3746103 said:
You put them in the correct paths. The contents of the fx folder are glares, lighting if your prefer.

any idea what you name these things the documentation is vague,

also the textures for the stadiums dont seem to work even when named correctly


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Is it possible to add a new kit for a team without change db just assign in lua.files and revoltion mod?


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hello there , i have a question is it possible to add kitss for years,

for example: i started the year in 2014 and i play with the kits of 2014 and ones i finished my career and start 2015, i use than only the kits of 2015.

i hope this could be possible, so i can add all the kits from fifa 15 till fifa 19 in :D


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hello guys and sorry if I write here I hope you can help me ... I don't understand why any mod pitch I put after having regenerated the color of the turf does not change .... can you help me ?


Thanks to my friend red" I now have the FIFA 14 lua files and I am able to announce that work has started on Revolution Mod 14. My plan is to make a beta version during the next few days. This will probably just contain some key features for demo editing, such as automatic faces, skin tones and adboards. Then I plan to spend the next few weeks developing the first full version.

I will post more information about the beta soon.

hey bro, can you make a tutorial to editing FIFA14?
i want try to mod FIFA14 but there are not enough tutorial/guide to mod FIFA14
i mean basic, using Creation Master, i know a bit like move player
problem is like editing/create schedule and editing tournament


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I've got some good news. I've edited one of the short models from 14 (from the WC 2014 files actually and made a shorter short that even attempts to replicate those small v cuts on the sides and it looks pretty decent in CM 14 (I viewed the Barcelona Centenary Kit and I have to say it's looking nice)

Here's the link for the file:


I just now saw this post.

I've recently been obsessed with football kits, and as a fan of GIGGIRIVA's Classic Patch, I'd be really excited if we could have short shorts in FIFA 14. I've even amatuerishly (the only way I know how:innocent_smile_1:) tried to make it work myself:

but the deleted part became black in the game.

Now, does anyone know how I could use the file (shorts_1_0.rx3) linked in the quote? And whether it works in the game?
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Hi people...
Somebody knows about the stadiums issue where the crowd got shinnier at the top of the stadium?
Can we repair that with making changes on crowd.lua file?
Plz, answer me if yes or no.


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Here is 2 rendering patches; I hope to be usefull for you!


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