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[MOD] MODS by Doctor+ Productions (Fidel Gameplay)


Youth Team
Bro can you tell me how to create them? I want to put the 22/23 season replay logo for leagues and I didn't understand anything of the wipe3d.lua file. I would really appreciate your help.

I'm using HBZ v5 BTW


Youth Team
Hello, there is the 3d wipe ids related to wc mode.
You must rename the wc 3d wipe with career league id related wipe.
Anyway there are many methods for doing this, like a lua edit or follow my steps:
Copy and paste these files on desktop,
grab it from FIFA 14\Game\data\sceneassets\wipe3d
rename these

in red the id to change/switch.

You must rename the 990 ids in your related career mode league id,
Hi bro, if I want to make 3d wipes as general for all leagues?