[MOD] MODS by Doctor+ Productions (Fidel Gameplay)

thank you very much for the good mod FIFA 14 GP EVO AI 5.1
sorry for my english, I speak Russian

I have a problem with the lack of yellow cards and disorders, and last mod 5.1 is not particularly helped
I would like to make more stringent the referee, then the problem can be solved
help me understand cl.ini,tell me what options are and how you want to change something to make stricter referee
or can you make a new part of the mod where this problem solve
thank you

the mod is awesome, I use full combo for now and I'm very satisfied by the gameplay and by the stamina tweak but I wonder if there is a version based on the database 8 of moddingway mod but not of the database 7 in which winter transfers are not included yet.
if not, can you do some adjustments in the database 7 for winter transfers ?
The thing I really want is playing with the stamina tweak and the AI and HG but with the latest winter transfers (like Torres back to Atletico) and playing with the new players of the database 8 (like Martin Odegaard (Real Madrid)).
So , can you do a little update of the database please?

Your mod is awesome, I love it.

Sorry for bad english
if someone could tell me how to add Shorelooser's hazardous events (wrong footplants, first touch) and his shooting settings in the AI 5.0 cl.ini of fidel

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Attribute Editing!

I just wanted to ask if editing attributes during a manager mode was possible via the CM editor?
If anyone knows and could share this it would be of great help!
Thanks in advance :D


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Hi! I installed this on my FIFA 14 with Modingway patch and now all my new transfers are gone, how I can set it up again?


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Hello Fidel! Sorry for bothering you, I just wanted to receive some support for an issue regarding your latest gameplay tool: my problem is that when I try to open the exe file to configure the various options, the program crashes and Windows says that "it has stopped working". How can I solve the problem? Thank you very much for any help.
Does anyone have links for doctor mods ? Especially the gameplay 4.8 (latest version I think).

Thank you

EDIT : I eventually found a working link (on moddingway site), but I have the same problem as some people here. I installed the career editor unlocker but it does not work. I did it on FIFA 16 and it worked, but not in FIFA 14.

Could anybody help me ?

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