Manchester United Thread [2011/2012]

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Before going to Manchester United, Anderson was a kind of "showman" player, but after that he was transformed in a completely different player. I kind of prefer his Gremio/Porto days.


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Kagawa is looking the real deal. I was slightly worried about his ability to carry over onto United...

His one touch passing is epic. Found a video highlighting a few bits.

better vid here, just bad music

Cant wait to see more of him. Imagine the passing between him, cleverly, carrick, Welbeck etc.

----Carrick -- Ando/Clev--
Valencia-- Kagawa-- Nani


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I find it vaguely insulting that you're surprised that one of the 5 best players in the Bundesliga the last 2 years could actually be a good player. But yes, he's fantastic.


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clash;3277149 said:
We won't be getting anyone this window, I predict Fergie will say he's happy with the squad sometime next week to mask our failures on the transfer market. Again.

United fans should be realistic, we are 400 million in debt, UK economy is going down, plus we lost considerable amount of cash by early elimination from champions league. That being said, price tags are really high. I rather we don't buy any player than end up in Rangers situation.

Btw, Kagawa goal, I'm really impressed by Bebe performances lately. That move was amazing.



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ShiftyPowers;3277405 said:
I find it vaguely insulting that you're surprised that one of the 5 best players in the Bundesliga the last 2 years could actually be a good player. But yes, he's fantastic.

What I said was I was worried about his ability crossing over to United. i.e. different league, team ala shevchenko etc

He looks like he's being playing with us for years though.

And yes oddly Bebe has been looking pretty good. I wonder if that injury that had him out for so long was playing him up when he joined. Break through season if were lucky.


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Don't let yourself carried away guys. We just played Shanghai. Friendlies don't really mean much. I agree about Kagawa though. He hasn't had any problems blending into the team so far. When you have a foreign player from a foreign league, you always wonder weather this is going to be another Veron (who was also probably top 5 in Serie A at that time). I think that was Adedawson's point.


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Use full amout on paying off debt or half, the outcome would still be the same and in the end Glazers would still take out 25 million each just like they have been doing annually since the takeover.

What I find funny is that they are valuing the club at just under 2 billion pounds and think Americans will snap it up! Especially knowning that half of it will go directly to Glazers! This won't work, they'll be lucky to raise half the amount they want.

United lodged their intention to sell 10.2 per cent of the club on Monday evening. It is intended the sale will raise around £150m for the owners, although there have previously been suggestions that interest in the sale has been lukewarm.

However, what has really angered the Manchester United Supporters Trust is that previously, the Glazer family had indicated they would use all the proceeds to reduce the club's debt, which presently stands at £437m.

Now it appears only half the money will be used for that purpose, with the rest remaining with the family. The Glazers themselves have been silent on their intentions.

MUST chief executive Duncan Drasdo has filled the void with his own damning assessment of the situation, saying: "Supporters are going to be very angry about this. The Glazers have already cost United more than £550m in debt-related fees and now another slap in the face as they help themselves to half of the proposed IPO proceeds.

"Each of the six lineal descendants of Malcolm Glazer will claw out $25m for themselves. Clearly this has nothing to do with benefits for Manchester United. What is the sudden reason for this desperation for cash now?"
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