Madden Stadiums in FIFA? Possible?


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Hey Guys,

I was talking to Wizard today about the Madden NFL Stadiums. The version of 2014 (Madden 25), 2015, 2016 and 2017 were made in the same FIFA 16 engine, Ignite, for PS4 and XBOX one.

Anyone has already tested it? If no, should we try? Does anyone has the game?

I found ways online to extract the files.

Take a look on how beautiful the stadiums are:



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Would be cool to have some US stadiums used during 2015 Copa America converted for FIFA, if any are included in NFL games. Also yeah WC 2026 but I guess we will move on from FIFA 14-16 by that time.
Also @gonzaga this may be of interest to you.

I was thinking of getting them extracted for Copa America Centenario 2016 - but I guess it was too soon.

CONCACAF Gold Cup is almost always played in United States among those stadiums. Last one was shared with Costa Rica National Stadium & Independence Park, Jamaica (both already in FIFA16)


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Yes, there is a possibility. I made a research and heard that you can have the models. I bought Madden NFL 22 yesterday night for a good price. Shortly I will start the mission.

I am told that you can extract models and textures by FIFA Editor 22. Not impossible, but we'll see. First I plan Nissan Stadium and Soldier Field (MLS grounds)

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Sounds great! Is there a list with MLS stadiums that we already have? Are there some stadiums that are in a bad quality? Maybe I can help a bit to improve them. I don't know why but MLS is an interesting league for me. :D