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M4rsAttack's Faces (WWTFM)


Senior Squad
aurion17;3906969 said:
Grande, I love it ;)

A bit of work on the model and tex, and he will be scanned :D



jeetmusic;3907027 said:
very nice work :clap:

deko23;3907045 said:
Amazing Perotti!

Paulfra;3907093 said:
Great face mate!Really nice one... Waiting for the release

JGallo;3907172 said:
Wow!! Excellent job! Needed face

jjyydd;3907900 said:
when u can release Brozovic and Icarid and Eder~~


AudiS3;3907909 said:
Gret Perotti...fantastic bro

YRM007;3908161 said:
Nice updates mate ! Could you consider updating Hamsik aswell ? Thanks

bjama;3908234 said:
M4rsAttack..perotti perfect only hair not good!
release please!!

thanks all for the comments.. hope to manage to fix all them up and release soon


Senior Squad
hair suggestion for Perotti pls?



Youth Team
Amazing!!!!!!!!eder is perfect!,icardi maybe too fat:-)
Plz release sooonn need perotti and brozovic!!