M4rsAttack's Faces (WWTFM)


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solo questi?? comunque ti va bene che ho iniziato una carriera con la Lazio, quindi qualcuno di questi lo farò coi miei tempi, ma non aspettarti tutti quanti ;)

only these? anyway, i've just started a career with Lazio, so i'll do some of these players in my time


Youth Team
o!!!!!!! my god!!!!! welcome back!!!

waiting u so long so long time!!!!

inter milan fans need u~~~~~

EA real face very less for inter..

amazing Perisic!

and next..

Ljajić ? Icardi need update? haha very happy


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Mate, nice to see you back!! Hope your arm could get better, and as far as I can see your magic touch is still the same!!! Hope you the best...


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Welcome back mate!
Actually many good editors are getting in business again and that's an amazing news for Fifa community


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Jeison Murillo.. as always, suggestions for fixes are appreciated