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Bundesliga 2012-13
Huglfinga;3245381 said:
Very nice kits =)The german bundesliga starts next season into its 50 season. So the bundesliga teams got a new patch on there sleeve ;)

(i got this patch from the fifaplanet forum)


Starting XI
After watching some 2014 World Cup Qualifiers on TV recently, I decided to make the patches used for qualifiers:

2014 WORLD CUP BRAZIL QUALIFIERS Patch: For Right Sleeve

FIFA My Game is Fair Play Patch: For Left sleeve

May look as the Fair Play logo is a little bad detail, But when re-sized for kit it looks fine.

Hope you guys like them!

Feel free to use !


Starting XI
hjbs;3263324 said:
some badges from England if someone will have it

With the Npower patchs they are meant to have a white outline.

Here are some that I have in my collection:
Football League Champions Gold Patch:

Football League 1 Champions Gold Patch:

Football League 2 Champions Gold Patch:

Regular Football League Patch: