Is anybody familiar with wipe3d/overlay ids?


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I am looking someone who is familiar with
FIFA 16\data\sceneassets\wipe3d ids (wipes)
FIFA 16\data\ui\game\overlays ids (popus, scoreboards)
If You have some wipe3d how to assign this one to specific tournament, what id set for wipe3d when for example league id is let's say 25 and tournament id is let's say 91?
If You have some scoreboard, popup how to assign this to specific tournament for league id 25 and tournament id 91?
Names are strange and have nothing in common with league/tournament id for example:
overlay_6044.big, specificwipe_0_63_0.rx3
So how on the hell to know what id set in name for overlay and wipe in order to assign those ones for the given tournament id?
It would be good if somebody who is familiar with those ones could write some 10-20 lines tutorial. I was trying to search on google but I didn't find anything, so it seems that only a few people all over the world have good knowledge about above and the question is if they can share with the rest people such knowledge...


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Here some information which I has gathered so far.

1.) wipe3d (this logo which appears during replays)
For wipe3d check in CM16 in tournament section asset id number value for interested you tournament/league.

This number value has to be then set in wipe3d directory for example
specificwipe_0_991_0.rx3 (keep in mind name of file might be different based on revolution mod version patch so please keep name convention, for example it might be wipe_991_1_container_0.rx3):

2.) TV logo and scoreboards:
replace in dir: Origin Games\FIFA 16\data\ui\game\overlays interested You file (in most cases it will be 9105 and 9002):
overlay_9105.big ea logo used in friendlies matches, the most tournaments
overlay_7105.big la liga logo
overlay_6105.big EPL logo

overlay_9002.big scoreboard in friendly macthes, the most tournaments
overlay_7002.big La liga scoreboard
overlay_6002.big EPL scoreboard

3.) some other popups like popups during substitution, popup for presenting referee name, popups when booking etc
For this one responsible files are still inside Origin Games\FIFA 16\data\ui\game\overlays but with other numbers and additionally files inside: Origin Games\FIFA 16\data\ui\game\globalcomponents\overlaycomponents_9
With those seconds ones replacement watch out because I had experience that my game froze when move from other patch only those files.

Big shame for all patchmakers who see this post, knows "how" but don't share their knowledge. The more people know how to modify fifa the more patches, maybe someone will be inspired to create something if we instruct him "how".

It is still unknown how to edit .big files. For editing rx3, rx2 files (import/export images) use Fifa Converter tool which has intuitive API.
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Hi mate,
just bumped into your thread. This mostly has been researched already.

Regarding Automatic assignments and IDs check the documentation of RevMod. There is a separate chapter on it:

.big files as well as .rx3 files can be best edited with CGFE:
(though not all. Some wipe containers and overlay_9105,big for TV Logos is not working for example. Here Jenkey's File Explorer works but that program is not compatible with Win10 unfortunately)

and regarding overlays here you find some good info:

Hope I could help.


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I didn't find any more helpful information in those tutorial you placed so still don't know under what overlay_x105.big set bundesliga or serie A popups.