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IEM 23 (212 National Teams, New Leagues from : Czech, Slovakia, VNL, Primera RFEF, Serbia, Ukraine, Brazil, Mexico, Croatia, Egypt, 113 New ROW Clubs)

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hi, can you maybe try to add the dutch second division? i searched the whole internet for a fifa 23 ''keuken kampioen divisie'' mod (dutch second division) but nobody made it yet. the only one that i could find was a mod for fifa 16. its a highly wanted division for dutch players and i think if you make a Eredivisie career mode (dutch first division) it would be way better to play with a lower rating team bc now if you cant get to top 7 you just play with your worst players till next season, but if the second division league is in the game you would play against relegation.


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We are still working on some stuff, but I can say that we're almost at the finish line.
Looking forward to it, guys.
I've loved using EEP this FIFA, but missed IEM from 22 as I really enjoyed the time I spent with it.
Considering the ambitions outlined in the OP, It's gonna be so much better than last year.


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but do the teams from the leagues you remove all end up in the rest of the world? or are they deleted from the game?


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Do you guys have a discord server where you upload screenshots and progress of making the mod?
I would love to join it and see some sneak peaks :D
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