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How to import edit stats from another save of FIFA 23


Club Supporter
Hi guys!

I use FIFA 23 with a mod that brings Brazilian's clubs for the game, but some stats of some players are very different from the real world. I do some edits in stats of some playes to make it more real for me (like: preffered foot, type of body, acceleration, height, speed and etc...). So, every time that fifa launch a new version, the mod guys launch a new version of the mod and I lost all my edits from past save and have to edit every single thing again.
I would like to know if theres any way that i could just export/import the stats of the players from a save (old version) to another (new version) and keep the things that I edit before, so i wouldn't have to do it all over again. It would save me a lot of time and i could enjoy more the game.
I tried export/import with RDBM just the table "players" but the game crashes when I do that.

Sorry for my english. Thanks for every one who can help me with that!