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  1. A

    Europa League knockouts bug, please help.

    I'm playing in League one manager career mode, and I wanted to see UEFA winners. Only for champions league, the knockout stages has been played and the winner was Liverpool. But in Europa League and conference league, none of the knockout stage games has taken place. I'm now in the month of June...
  2. A

    How to edit prize money of competitions?

    Hello, I want to know how to edit the prize money of any competition. I have the FIFA editor tool, and I went through compdata, but I don't know how to edit them. Suppose I want to edit champions league prize money, the competitionid is 223. How to make changes for competitionid
  3. L

    Libertadores changing groups

    Hi guys how you keeping. So i've a patch already installed on my FIFA 22 but now they are just running with 23 so on. The Libertadores and Sul Americana teams are setted by them from last season, how can i sort to the new ones? Orgnizing the groups as real ones etc? Via RDBM? Edit Tool? Thanks!
  4. N

    How to import edit stats from another save of FIFA 23

    Hi guys! I use FIFA 23 with a mod that brings Brazilian's clubs for the game, but some stats of some players are very different from the real world. I do some edits in stats of some playes to make it more real for me (like: preffered foot, type of body, acceleration, height, speed and etc...)...
  5. himre20

    Edit player, save, go back to main menu. Is there a mod that fixes this?

    It would also save a lot of time if the game would only throw back to the team selection after the save. Does anyone know of a solution to this or should this be accepted as it is?
  6. itzs8

    Adding lower league for FIFA 22?

    Hello guys. I have a question you. This is very important for me, my youtube channel and my youtube community. I'm from Turkey and I wanna add Turkish 2.League (lower league like Serie A and Serie B). I'm youtuber, fifa editor and modmaker. I know, how to use fifa mod editor, db master and etc...
  7. Futbol Club

    Edit start screen

    Hi guys. Does anyone know how to remove the official FIFA license logo from the start screen?
  8. TheWickets

    Is possible change the UCL match intro sound?

    I need a guy who can substitute the UCL match intro sound for my mod. Is this possible?
  9. R

    Help on Edit FIFA 21 [SWITCH]

    Hello everyone, I have a question on editing FIFA 21 Legacy [Switch]: 1) I managed to unpack the files using BMS, decrypt, change, but how is it to pack it all back? P.S. Unpacking NSP using LayerFS 2) How to add new faces, forms, etc. to the game? I don't understand how to edit a BH file...
  10. deathcommand

    Blank Names on game AFTER edit CM why?

    Dears! I made updates for some teams but i can´t see the names on the game after save it. There all on blank... I tryed to regen... and nothing please!! help me!! anyone there knows how Can I fix it?? Like the picture:
  11. M


    Hi all , How can i edit the wipe3d graphics ?
  12. Aranaktu

    FIFA 18 - Save Editing Thread

    Hey guys. Since I'm playing FIFA (2003) I was always curious why there isn't any save editor for this game? A few months ago I've decided to start reverse engineering a save file format in order to make a fifatracker website. I'll post here what I've found so far. FIFA 18 is pretty much already...
  13. Leandro Ariagno

    Leandro Ariagno's Mods

    Hi everyone, my first post, i like to share this ESPN logo for fifa 18, hope you like it Hola a todos, mi primer post, me gustaria compartir este logo de ESPN para fifa 18, espero que les agrade ___________________________________ MY OTHER MODS - MIS OTROS MODS: UEFA EUROPA LEAGUE MOD...
  14. P

    CM16 player overall problem

    Hello guys, I seem to be having a problem with CM16. Every time I try to edit a player's stats, their overall decreases by 1 before I changed anything. I am using the latest Moddingway DB.