How to create a second division?

Sebastian Jangebring

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Hi! Im trying to make the second division in Sweden (Superettan called) i got almost everything ready in terms of teams and logos and so on but now to the hard part, how do ì create a second division under Allsvenskan and how does it work with promotions and relegations. Also how do i intergrate this with the swedish cup?



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First you should have a backup of your db in case it crash
Then Open Creation Master 16.
go to League: Create the league and add teams
go to Tournament :click + in Fifa the + in UEFA then go to SWED click on add trophy then you name it for what ever you want. The tournament should have the same Id as your created league or it will crash you go to relegate to and you choose your first division the you click + in setup stage you change it from setup to league you can add the schedules or copy it from different league then you click + till G1 then you add the number of teams that you have in the league and you add a qualification rule by adding teams from a specific league then you save it. for relegation and promotion you should add a trophy and do the same but in competition type you choose play off, that's the only difference

I hope that I was clear