1. Sebastian Jangebring

    How to create a second division?

    Hi! Im trying to make the second division in Sweden (Superettan called) i got almost everything ready in terms of teams and logos and so on but now to the hard part, how do ì create a second division under Allsvenskan and how does it work with promotions and relegations. Also how do i intergrate...
  2. Sebastian Jangebring

    Scandinavian Lower Leagues

    Is it someone that would be interested in doing a scandinavian lower league pack (Superettan, Tipsligan, Obos ligaen and so on) for FIFA 16? I got a lot of logos and minifaces to start with!
  3. marcas

    [CM 16 PATCH] Swedish Teams

    I have created for myself, a 2nd division Swedish league; Superettan. Most teams are NOT realistically accurate, and some players are even fictional. A few teams were ripped off from previous FIFA games but are not included in FIFA 16 because they got relegated from the highest league...