hagi's kits


Starting XI
Maccabi Tel Aviv goalie



Okay friend, ss coming up then ;)
Juve first :) cause i want u to see how good it looks ingame!
And it's true I made many ss for ya and it was/is my pleasure.
And I make ss for your old ss maker at CS since he makes kits now too ;)


Starting XI
Great Martijn. Want to see that sh!t ingame. I hope everything fits.

Racing Santander 3rd (Have no idea how their goalie kit looks like)


Alex 10

Starting XI
Hagi thx for the offer but there are two things
1. I didnt make ss lately
2. After startign kitmaking Martijn become my ss taker :D

I see u had lots of free time mate :)


Youth Team
hi hagi
can you fix too barcelona, arsenal dont look well in game
real madrid home dont have that collar
and nike logo of juventus
and milan colar needs too a fix
great kits man

:rockman: :rockman: