hagi's kits


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WOOOOO they all rocks and you knows it :rockman:

Their must be some sort of Tourette's syndrome going around forcing all the kit makers to put "Sky Sports" instead of "Sky Sport" ;)


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Great quality kits mate! :hump:

Sorry, didn't want to spam your thread, but I cand sent you pms!?
But nevertheless it would be great if you could send me the templat you used (i.e.) for your excellent Juve kits! Thanks a lot!
[email protected]


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Originally posted by ajaxforever
Since a few minutes ago :p
But I've made the SS already, can I post them?? :$

You can, but Matijn was my SS maker since ages.

Maybe time for some SS, Martijn? (H)
Don't own FIFA, so I got no idea how those kits look ingame.

updated Juventus home kit



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Didn't forget you dude.
You made tons of awesome shots for me.

I don't care about "licensed" SS makers. If ya want, make some. Would be great. (H)

Now some Diadora kits

Maccabi Tel Aviv home