*Football Manager 2005 Downloads* also includes patches for WWSM 2005


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TROD said:
FMM1.10 real time editor by Jpee

FMM1.10 is a real-time memory modifier working exclusively on Football Manager 2005. The basic working theory is to search and locate the UID, which is unique to every single player and staff, therefore the data can be modified through this program with ease and uniform.

Before downloading make sure you already have WinRAR downloaded as it is needed to extract the files, if you havent then go here to download it.

I recommend you completley look at the Readme before using this program.

LINK - http://www.sortitoutsi.net/getfile.php?action=download&id=3723


Where can I find this now that Susies gone?


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haha, i was just about to edit the first post when i saw you'd done it :D ah the little things...



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thank you TROD. :)
no problemo

Also Nygc, in terms of personal reasons (as ruud says) i simply dont think their heart was in it as much to keep providing so much time to running the website.

Personally i wouldnt be surprised it if reopens within a year :D