*Football Manager 2005 Downloads* also includes patches for WWSM 2005


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Hopefully this thread will tell you anything you want to download concerning FM2005. Lots of thanks to fmfaq.com, thedugout.net, sortitoutsi.net and all of the other members on the Soccergaming forum for all their help.

If you know a site that is hosting FM graphics, and/or has an active graphics scene, please post it in here and we'll add it to the FAQ and the downloads thread.

list of sites worth looking at (please do report your site, free advertising):


FM Demos
(WWSM is the same game, so there is no seperate demo for that)





Strawberry - INCLUDES EVERYTHING 169mb






Strawberry - INCLUDES EVERYTHING 133mb


QUICKSTARTS for Gold Demo (PC/MAC) e.g. Italian, Spanish etc.


(enhancement packs) for Football Manager 2005 and WWSM 2005

If you already have FM 2005 for PC, and version 5.0.3, then all you need is the 5.0.5 .exe:

However, if you dont have a patch or have 5.0.2 or the MAC version, or WWSM, then you will need to download the full 5.0.5 patch


FM 5.0.5 Patch
FM2005 Patch 5.0.5 without database update 37 MB
FM2005 Patch 5.0.5 with database update 80 MB

FM2005 Patch 5.0.5 without database update 42 MB
FM2005 Patch 5.0.5 with database update 87 MB


WWSM 5.0.5 Patch
WWSM2005 patch 5.0.5 without database update 22 MB
WWSM2005 patch 5.0.5 with database update 67 MB

WWSM2005 patch 5.0.5 without database update 28 MB
WWSM2005 patch 5.0.5 with database update 74 MB





FM Sorted Update September 2005
Zlatan said:
Just thought I'd post this

Matt Quartz said:
Finally the waiting is over and the update is here!!!

Click the link above and get downloading now.

Major leagues across Europe have been updated, including:-











Some other changes have been implemented as well, so check it out now.

FM sorted has released it's september update.
Grab it up right here: http://files.filefront.com/FM_Sorted_September_Update/;4167111;;/fileinfo.html



Zlatan and his crew's CM Legends Update

Puts some of the past CM legends back into FM and makes the good, Tsigalko, Gomez etc. Well worth a look. Works with any official patch

"Ever wondered: 'What the hell happened to Maxim Tsigalko?' or 'Krasen Trifonov, where are you? I need you so bad.' well you don't have to wonder about that anymore because M&M Interactive presents The CM Legends Update. In this update all the former greats from CM 01/02 right up to CM 03/04 are here.

IMPORTANT: This patch is compatible with any patch but please be sure to BACKUP YOUR DB FOLDER. We're not taking any responsibility if your game screwes up and you didn't backup the database. As all other updates this isn't compatible with other updates. Installing this update will mean that any other (transfer) update you have will not work any longer. "



FM 7 Nations Patch by Frank NG

The FM Unofficial 7 Nations patch has been made by several official FM 2005 researchers. It totally overwrites 7 existing leagues and brings 7 new leagues! The patch features includes:

- Playable Albanian A1 & A2 Division League
- Playable Algerian First Division & Second Division League
- Playable Bosnian Premier Division & First Division League
- Playable Cypriot A Division & B Division League
- Playable Macedonian First & Second Division League
- Playable Qatari League
- Playable Saudi Arabian Premier League
- Staff Awards added to all new playable leagues
- Over 1000 Albanian, 1700 Algerian, 1700 Bosnian, 700 Cypriot, 950
Macedonian, 250 Qatari & 600 Saudi Arabian players & staff included
- All clubs in different new leagues can participate continental competition correctly
- All competition fake names changed to real names now
- Asian staff award rules fixed
- Saudi Arabian League club logos included
- Qatari League club logos included
- A few Saudi League Player Photos included
- "Player Retained Files" included for users to choose to load more players from the new league region
- New media names for Albania, Algeria and Saudi Arabia
- Hong Kong League club squad list updated

* for more details, please read the readme.txt inside http://www.hkcm.com/download/fm2005files/7_nations_patch.txt

Note: Backup your database before installing this patch!



Jolly Oli & Krish's event file - version 1 112 kB
Updated Commentary file, 1000+ new lines, but English only.
Extract the "events.cfg" file into your "\data\match events\" folder. Be sure to backup the old file just in case.
Get it at Sortitoutsi


LNC File 1k

Fixes Kahn's name and fixes the Dutch and German national team.



Champman Logo Pack v1 3.57mb

CompetionLogos of:

All English Leagues
All German Leagues
Portugese SuperLiga
Uefa Champions League
Uefa Cup
Uefa SuperCup
Intertoto Cup

ClubLogos of:

English Premier League
All German Clubs
All Scottisch Clubs
French Liga A



English Superpack 38.22mb

This eagerly anticipated file will complete any missing graphics (faces, logos, kits, etc.)

It installs any remaining player faces, club logos, competition logos and kits (including national kits).



FMUpdate v101 by Throw-In 30.45mb

Introducing the “FM2005 January Transfer Player Update”. This update includes the European transfers made in during the January transfer window. Including Morientes to Liverpool and Mido on loan to Spurs, and transfers made at the start of the season. Staff personnel have also been changed to clubs like Portsmouth, Tottenham and other teams which manager and staff changes. This is one of the 1st updates made after the Transfer window closed. All Christmas transfers are gone through immediately in the game therefore you will have all the players at the club at start of the season. Not only are players at there new clubs but the clubs finances have been altered to maintain current realism and media interaction has been tweaked slightly.

Changes to the Game:
- Updated European Transfers. Fully Comprehensive Up to: 04/02/05 (Unlike some updates, changes are from start of the game.)
- Changes in Club Personnel. (WBA, Portsmouth etc)
- Changes to Club Finances
- Improved Media

-Once downloaded extract the files to your db folder.
(Normally - C:Program FilesSports InteractiveFootball Manager 2005datadb)
-Choose ‘Yes to all’ and replace the existing database.
-Start a new game to see the great new changes.

FM 5.0.2 Patch Required
** Remember To Backup Your Exsiting Database Before Installation **



Euro League v2

This update make the scottish league to a Euro Super League with all the best teams in the scottish league.

Superleague Info:

Based off of the Scottish league, there are 4 divisions:
Premier, Platinum, Gold and Silver, with 12, 10, 10, and 10 teams in each, respectively.

The reputation of all Euro Leagues have been raised along with the coefficients, making the Euro league the preferred destination for the world's stars.

League reputations of England, Germany, Holland, France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Greece and more have been slightly lowered, and most of the Scottish teams that replaced the super teams were put into the lower divisions.

All award names have been changed, all (Scottish) competition history cleared to start anew.

All countries in the world have been added as EEC nations, eliminating the need for work permits.

Champions League and UEFA Cup still exist, the top sides in the Premier League/Cup winners get the chance for the big pay-day.

Scottish league's bottom division is "closed" meaning no relegation/promotion of non-league minnows after the season.

Reputations of all Euro squads altered to fit with divisional seedings.

Transfers updated to after the January Transfer Window.

--- NB!! Remember to take backup of your original DB files ----

**How to install***

1. Download the database from the link below

2. It is a RAR file, meaning you need WinRar to extract it.

If you don't have it, download it here: http://www.win-rar.com/download.html

3. Copy your original db folder and place it somewhere where you'll remember it. If you ever want to go back to the original style, just place your old folder in your data folder

4. Extract the folder to your Football Manager 2005/data folder and overwrite where necessary.

5. Start a new game and load the Scottish League, and other leagues if you wish. I HAVE NOT TESTED THE PLAYABILITY OF OTHER LEAGUES, so proceed at your own risk.



To enhance the feel, Download the logo pack made for this release and unpack it to the game to go along with the league. To use these, extract them into your "/Football Manager2005/data/graphics/pictures/competitions/sco folder, overwriting where necessary.

Again, backup your current files.

The logo pack can be downloaded from here: http://www.fmdownloads.com/download/files/updates/various_update/logopack/EuroLogos.zip



Mind Compression Football Manager Real-time editor

MCFM 05 v0.5.0 - [13/03/2005]

* Compatible with 5.0.3 and 5.0.5 (not anymore with previous versions)
* Added easy selection buttons for players from club.
* Added Fitness and Morale.
* Added healing for selected players
(healing also includes : condition, morale and fitness)
* Fixed game detection
* Switched the remaining and the total transfer budget

Link to download

Mind Compression


FMM1.10 real time editor by Jpee

FMM1.10 is a real-time memory modifier working exclusively on Football Manager 2005. The basic working theory is to search and locate the UID, which is unique to every single player and staff, therefore the data can be modified through this program with ease and uniform.

Before downloading make sure you already have WinRAR downloaded as it is needed to extract the files, if you havent then go here to download it.

I recommend you completley look at the Readme before using this program.

LINK - http://www.oioj.net/blog/user1/4930/upload/20055297080.rar



Michael Nygreen practically made the offical editor for FM2005, go use that!



XML Editor 800kB

Handy editor for skinning and other GFX editing purposes.



FM Attribute Colour Editor by Cleon 258kB

A tool to change the attribute colours, and the attribute values attached to the colours. Only works for the player and non-player profiles.
"fmcolours.xml" is located in "..\football manager 2005\data\settings\"
"player profile.xml" and "non player profile.xml" are located in "..\football manager 2005\data\panels\"



MC Editor by Sports Interactive

The MC editor is a tool which was created to make it easier to add, remove or change media comments which are used by the game. Currently in FM2005, media comments are used for the 'manager mind-games' module. In future, media comments will be expanded to cover other aspects of the game.

Compatible with FM 2005




FM Sound Pack v2.0 by furney89

This is the second release of the FM Sound Pack, it now includes a commentary file,as well as more than doubled player/club/nation chants then v1.0,use the documentation url for installing guide or the readme from the download.




FMScout v3.22 by Michael Nygreen 452kb

FM Scout tool is used for searching certain players from you savegame. You can easily filter the players you are looking in your game.
A new version of FMScout has been released, which is compatible with the last patch (5.0.3).



FM Training Utlity by Christina Francis

Load, create and save training schedules outside the game. Also see how each schedule affects the different player stats.



FM Savegame Cleaner by NecroSoft

Speed up your loading and saving times by deleting the match highlights of earlier matches in your league and continental competitions etc.





A new, alternate skin for FM, lots of graphical upgrades & it's easier on the eyes - check it out!

SCREENSHOT: http://www.fmunderground.net/downloads/download.php?id=20



Celtic Skin

A nice looking skin for Celtic fans




Blacker skin by Strawberry_BlOnde

A soft organic looking skin for FM 2005

http://www.sortitoutsi.net/pafiledb/uploads/-- blacker --.jpg



For obvious reasons im not going to put down every good skin, sortitoutsi is a good website with many skins - Click Here



First Team Training Schedule by Dazmania

A First Team training schedule created by Dazmania to be used by anyone. A good schedule with a great overall rating, useful for any player in a team.



LAST UPDATED - 17/10/05 - Added Euro League v2, thanks of course to Ruud :p


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Sticky :o

also, i can't get my pregame editor to work, i cant be bothered to reinstall so is there any other pregame editor


That Nice Guy
Originally posted by Shevchenko-[7]
I wouldnt recommend anyone use an in game editor.

It would damage ur game.

MCM never broke games, MCFM is unlikely to since Shifty Aktinson has some connection with Sports Interactive themselves, i nearly put the editor under "official". However, if you are worried make a backup of your game.

The current MCFM editor doesnt allow you to change that much, but its a good start.

Originally posted by adj137[7]
also, i can't get my pregame editor to work, i cant be bothered to reinstall so is there any other pregame editor

ok, explain exactyl what happens when you try to load it



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@adj137: Yes please tell us more, especially since no other pre-game editor is available yet.

@Shevchenko[7]: SI have the MCM 03/04 and MCFM editors mentioned on their webspace, in the downloads area to be precise, so they must think something good of it ;) They won't screw up your savegame, but the fun of the game can be affected if you use it for too much of the wrong reasons. :p


That Nice Guy
yeah thats right, its on the SI website because im sure Shifty Aktinson has signed up to do some work for SI.

Though like i say, if you're worried just it will feck up your game just backup it first.



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the standard, ' has encountered a problem' when you try to run the program.

the game itself runs fine


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Re: *Football Manager 2005 Downloads*

Originally posted by TROD
PATCHES (enhancement packs) for Football Manager 2005

to be released soon....

you mean official patch? what the patch for? any information?


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not cover much eh? :brow:

> Known issues
- Attempt to cut down on unusually high scoring games involving human managers
- Lessened amount of dives by more sportsmanlike players
- Further tweaks to prevent wild and inappropriate clearances
- Stopped players turning repeatedly in different directions when at a loss for a pass or shot
- Cut down number of lobs and chips
- Improved length and variance of goal kicks
- Stopped goalies taking free kicks ( unless they are an expert in it! )

> Known Bugs
- Fixed huge amount of injury time in extra time caused by human making subs in the interval
- Fixed specific man marking bug where the wrong player may be marked after tactical changes regardless of human settings from tactics screen
- Fixed bug where corner would be given in place of goal kick and vice versa after some clearances
- Fixed match rating bug for out of position players
- Fixed bug that occurs when injured player is treated while goal is scored then from kick off the ball is belatedly put out of play
- Fixed bug where some goals would get an inappropriate "he hit that from 105 yards" message or similar
- Fixed obscure crash when trying silly tactics for set pieces
- Fixed dead ball goal kicks being passed inside own area

> Player
- Tuned effect of player mental stats on match depending on circumstances eg winning, losing etc
- Some passes were a tad too slow, increased pace of ball for them which makes for better attacks
- Further tweaks to passing AI
- Improved "letting ball run out" AI
- Tweaked running with ball AI
- Improve marking of players running with ball
- Improved AI regarding players covering for one another in the formation
- Tweaked one on one vs goalie situations

> Manager
- Slightly improved computer team selection AI
- Tweaked AI manager use of width slider
- Tweaked AI manager use of depth slider
- Tweaked AI manager use of ultra defensive tactics
- Tweaked AI manager reaction to opposition width setting

> Tactics
- Tweaked formation positions and shape in relation to depth, width and attacking mentality

> Referee
- Fixed instance of offside being called at the expense of a significant advantage
- Improved referee interpretation of professional fouls

> Misc
- Tweaked goal award judging algorithm
- A player can no longer play for both teams in a club's reserves vs youth match.

> Network Games
- Fixed crash when breadcrumb menu was visible and another user continued.
- The forced continue controls on the Preferences screen now store their settings properly.

> Interface
- Fixed problem with text being cut off in the lefthand column of the club records screens.
- Fixed problem with player search nationality filter where sometimes a regional search would not filter out all players from outside that region.
- Fixed the transfer offer screen displaying a player's basic value instead of his asking price when player is transfer listed
- Fixed a crash on the startup screen when user moves the mouse scrollwheel up or down.
- Fixed problems where there would be empty rows between subs on the match screen.
- Fixed tactics names allwed to be too long, which could cause some file problems on the Mac.
- Fixed date for non-human teams in tactics section being cut off ("...")
- Fixed the sorting by squad status on the team screen.
- Fixed favoured personel not showing up on team information screen.
- Fixed the "James Milner" career history problem where the transfer fee would sometimes appear in the wrong place in the history.
- Fixed a problem when a friendly competition is edited after teams reject invitations. New teams picked using the "Choose Other.." option are now added correctly to the proposal.
- Fixed a problem when swapping players on the tactics screen. Sometimes it would not remember the swap if you browsed away and came back again.
- Hidden faulty team report option for national team assistant managers.
- Lowered the minimum bonus value in the contract offer screen.
- Hard-coded column hiding when filter panel is visible on squad list has been replaced with generic XML support for hiding columsn when there is not enough space on the screen (use minimum column width & column auto hide priority)
- Minor bugfix for user name being clipped on game status screen and wrapping onto multiple lines on titlebar
- Cosmetic fixes to correct the alignment of various popup menus
- Changed priority order of team screen status flags, to ensure retiring and leaving on bosman do not overwrite injured
- Re-ordered the transfer offer confirmation news item buttons to show same order as the dialogues for that platform
- Removed links to people that you cannot view.
- The "Co-owned by" label on the player profile screen now always shows the other club.
- The "Set all to schedule" options on the training screen now sets the correct schedule for all of the players.
- Training schedule names are now translated into language used by network client and not that of the server.
- When using overview on the squad screen, one player would always be missing.
- Added startup sounds
- "Is At Most" filter on person search screen now uses a lower or equal to operator instead of a just the lower operator.
- Added --fullscreen_height and --fullscreen_width command line options (use with caution, setting them to silly values may cause crashes!)
- Viewing other teams squad lists previous team selection on squad list (as well as tactics section)
- Pressing F12 (keyboard shortcut for Game Status Screen) on Intro Screen before starting or loading a game would crash.
- Exporting a tactic from "Edit tactics..." did not rename the actual (internal) tactic name to the new name
- Can now go to team tactics when looking at an old match.
- Pressing "Escape" in a Yes/No dialog now triggers the "No" action (instead of nothing happening and the dialog closing.)
- The game now takes up less processor time when running in the background.
- Selected nations now are retained in the "keep players from nation" menu.
- Fixed a match screen problem where the control panel was not refreshed when you go from one match to the next on a matchday.
- Fixed a crash when user cancels a friendly proposal.
- A player can no longer play for the reserves and the first team on the same day.

> Club Badges
- England: Updated Nottingham Forest badge so that it shows up on both red and white backgrounds
- Netherlands: Updated Roda JC badge
- Netherlands: Updated Dordrecht badge
- Netherlands: Updated Excelsior badge
- Netherlands: Updated FC Eindhoven badge

> Player Pictures
- Added Brighton pictures
- Added West Ham pictures
- Added Grimsby pictures
- Fixed wrong Richard Johnson picture and added a few more QPR pics

> Kit Graphics
- Eng
- Championship updated: Wigan home
- Lg 2 updated: Cheltenham away, Grimsby home, Grimsby away, Kidderminster home, Leyton Orient home, Leyton Orient away, Lincoln home, Lincoln away, Macclesfield home, Macclesfield away, Mansfield home, Mansfield away, Northampton home, Northampton away, Notts Co home, Notts Co away, Oxford home, Oxford away, Rochdale home, Rochdale away, Rushden home, Rushden away, S****horpe home, S****horpe away, Shrewsbury home, Shrewsbury away, Southend home, Southend home, Swansea home, Swansea away, Wycombe home Wycombe away
- Conf N updated: Redditch home
- Esp
- Primera updated: Ath. Bilbao home, At. Madrid away, Deportivo home, Osasuna home, Osasuna away,
- Ned
- Premier updated: ADO Den Haag away, De Graafschap home, Heerenveen away, NEC home, NEC away, RKC home,
- First updated: Cambuur home, Dordrecht home, Dordrecht away, Emmen home, Fortuna home, Go Ahead Eagle home, Haarlem home, Haarlem away, Helmond home, Heracles home, Heracles away, Sparta Rotterdam home, Top Oss home, Volendam home, Volendam away,
- Por
- Superleague updated: Benfica home, Benfica away, Braga home, Porto home, Sporting home, Sporting away, Vit. Gumaeres home,
- Superleague added: Belenenses home, Gil Vicente home, Lieria home, Nacional Da Madeira home, Nacional Da Madeira away, Nacional Da Madeira third, Penafiel home, Sporting third, Vit. Gumaeres away, Vit. Setubal home
- config.xml updated

> Awards
- Fixed Danish u21/u19/17 awards which now use reputation.
- Fixed incorrect year being displayed for calender year awards.
- Fixed past club award winners not being shown in history panel.
- Fixed national awards not being shown in the nation award screen.
- Fixed number of assists not being shown in award screen for assist awards.
- Fixed club award not appearing under the nation section when it has no comp set.
- Fixed international comp award news item using players club team instead of nation.
- Fixed Ukrainian player of the week award being given during winter break.
- Fixed awards that are set to specified date in the db not showing correct year for winners.
- Fixed european awards were not finding enough people in later years.
- Fixed some player weekly award using wrong sort type.
- Fixed Team of the year award not sending news to the clubs.

> Miscellaneous
- Fixed problem where sometimes regenerated players would get first and second names from a different nation to their nationality.
- Fixed a crash which might occur after the user views past years of certain competitions.
- Fixed a problem where stadium moves would disappear after a season if the club had been using an alternative stadium, while waiting for their new one.
- A few starting injuries were not always being set up at the start of the game.
- A managers longest and shortest time at a club wasn't getting updated correctly when changing job.
- Tweaked ask assistant maanger to rule out unrealistic targets filter rule

> Competitions
- Fixed Austrian cup crash when only Austrian premier is active
- Fixed some match times for various competitions.
- Fixed a scheduling problem with the Danish Under 18 leagues.
- Fixed a problem with 2 European squad registration news items being generated within a few days of each other.
- Fixed a crash which would sometimes happen around the end of 2005 when running the Irish league.
- Fixed a problem with competitions which use Period league tables (e.g. Dutch First and Belgian Second Divisions). News items which refer to a team's current position are now more accurate.
- Fixed some Czech competiton start times.
- Fixed a problem with the English Championship playoff semi final sometimes getting the wrong draw.
- Fixed some save game loading code which would sometimes cause friendlies not to be created.
- Fixed some promotion/relegation issues in Chile.
- Fixed some competition qualification issues in Peru.
- Fixed a problem where delayed bans can sometimes last for 1 game too many.
- Greek National Division B uses goal difference after results between teams on same points to decide position.
- Greek National B Division teams have a 3 Non-EU player limit on their squads.
- Some Welsh FAW Premier Cup dates changed.
- National team bans now apply to the national team that the player was sent off for.
- The English LDV Vans Trophy now uses the correct teams for 2004 and picks 6 Conference teams to play in each section.
- Danish B teams now play in the reserve leagues.
- Danish cup now uses cup runner up instead of league runner up if a team wins the double.
- Confederations Cup draw now takes place after Oceania Nations Cup final and thus picks up the winner correctly now.
- South American Recopa no longer uses extra time, just penalties.
- Sometimes matches which should have been moved for TV were not being moved due to clashes with other competitions which should have been ignored.
- Czech Under 18 leagues now have 16 teams per group.
- Removed Czech Under 18 cup.
- Correct teams get entered into each round of the Welsh FAW Premier Cup.
- Squad numbers only apply to teams in the Turkish Premier Division now.
- Tuned attendances in MLS ALL Stars Match
- Tuned Korean player wages and valuations
- Portuguese Under 19s can now be registered meaning that that they are eligible to play for A/B teams. (Registered B team players still need to be moved into the A team before they can be picked)
- Increased Romanian loan lengths.
- Italian Serie B now uses playoffs depending on the number of points gap between certain teams in the league.
- Added some tv dates to the Danish Cup.
- Danish divisions now only have a position playoff if teams have the same goal difference and goals scored.
- Added a winter Norwegian transfer window.
- German Second Division now has 7 subs instead of 5 allowed.
- Argentina reserve competitions now have fixtures during the closing stage of the season.
- Correct teams from Chile now qualify for the Libertadores.
- Norwegian teams can now have more than 2 non-EU players in their squad but can only play 2 at one time.
- Trialists cannot play in competitive matches in Belgium.
- English Vans Trophy now uses extra time.
- 1 team is relegated from the Singaporean League from 2008 onwards

> News Items
- Fixed default string appearing if no responses to player being unhappy at club trying to sign a replacement
- Fixed injured in training bug when in fact he was injured during a match
- Fixed 0 year contract extension news bug
- Fixed instances of 'young' appearing twice in staff assessments
- Fixed bug where wrong scoreline was being shown in a qualification news item
- Fixed news item not mentioning penalty shootout win during world cup in post match news item
- Fixed manager comment stating he intends to stop opponents title bid before it's even begun from, appearing in march
- Prevented post_transfer news items being generated for players who were already on loan before the transfer or co-owned.
- Stopped fans moaning about the signing of old player when he has signing in a non_playing capacity as well
- Human managers no longer linked to jobs in nations which are not enabled.

> Transfers
- Adjusted down values for certain Championship level players at clubs like QPR who had slightly higher potentials than reputations but where those potentials were below top standard level.
- Ensured young lads don't get put in the first team when they can't actually play for the first team
- Tuned manager interest, stopped managers being interested in lesser stature club's than the ones they are currently at

> Translation
- Fixed 'Transfer Status' on player right-click menu not being called for translation.
- Fixed some three-line manager comments not being translated
- Fixed 'Default Team Selection' not translated in Team Selection List Dialog

> International Management
- Fixed player being removed from squad when he has 1 or 2 day injury.
- International underage jobs now offered to human managers by computer managers.
- Removed player pre match comment for second leg of a playoff( until text can be added to determine first leg score )
- More national team managers are now retained at the start of the game.
- Fixed national team news item saying team are already out of the competition when they are not.
- Fixed news item says 'despite failing to win their last game' when it's the first game.
- Fixed high rep managers signing as human managers national team youth managers.
- Fixed national teams playing big nations in small stadiums.

> Player Profile
- Fixed bizarre player reaction to media comment prior to relgation battle
- "Believes his manager may be overly about winning the title this season" added confident to the previous string (english only)
- Tuned removal of 'lost confidence' in manager
- Ensured that players don't request first team football until fairly fit

> Scouting
- Fixed problem where scout searches and also team coach reports for some small clubs would be full of 5 star players not worthy of such a rating.
- Fixed a problem where scout search conditions were not always being saved down properly.
- Fixed next opposition report indicating a player who is on loan is a 'key player'
- Stopped players being scouted while injured
- Team coach report tweaking for reporting on AM and DM players in a 352 formation better.

> Player Personality Model
- Prevented rare bug where players seesawed between unhappy/happy with their amount of first team football
- Improved AI behind removal of 'clarifacation of squad status' unhappiness
- Ensured players aren't too pleased when an unknown manager takes charge of a really big team at the start of a game

> Manager
- Tuned manager movement in smaller leagues and semi-pro clubs slightly

> Training
- Fixed incorrect coach text being displayed for injured players
- Tuned player progression and regeneration player setup

> Finances
- Fixed bug where a few obscure Argentinian players had negative wages
- Fixed bug where free-transfer compensation wasn't always subtracted from finances correctly
- Slight tweaking to Korean player and staff wages
- Slight tweaking to Singaporean player wages
- Slight tweaking to Malaysian player wages
- Tuned Korean semi-pro expenditure costs
- Tuned Serbian sponsorship amounts
- Tuning capping on player valuations for minor leagues to prevent "big-name" players in those leagues being over somewhat valued considering the clubs they are at.
- Reduced level of TV payments in smaller leagues somewhat where appropriate
- Tuned Czech player valuations
- Tuned Czech club sponsorship amounts
- Israeli wage and player valuation tuning
- Chinese player valutation tuning

> Mac Only
- Fixed mac bug which was trying to scan font files in formats that we don't support
- Fixed potential file error on mac; if filenames were too long, the wrong file could get returned from a routine, leading to file corruptions
- Fixed crash when right-clicking on an edit box on the mac
- Fixed double-clicking on game file to load a game
- Fixed mac preferences, about and quit menus
- Rewrote some low level file code to remove the old OS9 file name length limits

> Windows Only
- Fixed scanning files with invalid modification dates would cause game crash (If date was not between 00:00:00 01-01-1970 and 03:14:07 01-19-2038 (UTC).)

> Hall Of Fame
- International continental competition wins are now rated by the continent. Before an Oceania Nations Cup win was treated equally to a European Championship win.

> Retirements
- Fixed player's retiring day after announcing that they are about to retire due to injury at end of season
- Re-tuned distribution of retirement news.
- When a player gets converted into a coach/manager, he retains his city of birth and career history.

> Data Editor
- Making changes to playing histories no longer crashes the game or the editor.
- The ratings of club and nation relationships can now be updated.
- The editor can now save the datafiles to another location than the default one.

It will be save-game compatible, although starting a new game is recommended, to get the best results.


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You forgot one small notion:

It will be save-game compatible, although starting a new game is recommended, to get the best results.

No release date set yet.


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You know the MCFM? Well when I was using MCM, all you had to do was download the file and open up a program and MCM would open. Now I have to install it and to install it I need to install another program which my Dad won't allow me to (I'm not the administrator) So there a way to get round this? If so, please tell me.


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You could sneak it passed your dad, by starting up in safe mode... If no password is set in the Administrator account, that is.
I bet you'll be in a lot of trouble if he finds out, though.

I wouldn't know otherwise, but you could try asking at Mind Compression's forums.


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I'll try the latter, my Dad would kill me if I somehow installed something without his permission :p