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..:: First FIFA11 exports!! ::..


Senior Squad
Her the laste files for today

eye for faces

Bump for gloves

Adboard (electro)




Starting XI
moddingway;2934032 said:
Great work !!!
I was taking a look at those files but glad you find them :)

Hi master Ariel, is very good to see you back in the forums, i hope you get back to FIFA editing soon.


Senior Squad
i think will be able to change the short/socks color at menu! /o/

another thing, could you try to export Rooney`s texture??


Youth Team
davidmende;2934045 said:
Hi master Ariel, is very good to see you back in the forums, i hope you get back to FIFA editing soon.

Thanks mate :)
This year we will try to focus on both : FIFA 11 and PES 11. (Y)


Senior Squad
Can you show me c.ronaldo face texture ? because this face is perfecT :D
[URL=http://img295.imageshack.us/i/criss.png/][IMG]http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/8499/criss.png[/URL] Uploaded with ImageShack.us[/IMG]

esteghlal f.c

Senior Squad
those shirt texture are 2nd layer, 100% they should be another bigger size, the structure of kit is just like FIFA 2001 , FIFA 2002 logo is a separate texture which will be add it on top of the texture, if u look at Juv kit u see u can't even read what is say on back of the shirt but in game if u use higher resolution u can actually read it :D

look at the LOGO how clear is in the game compare to texture the pic

in game pic



Starting XI
Santups18;2934099 said:
can you say the secret to open rx3 files please?

there is no secret here. It is somehow someone discovered America. He would either let others know where his discovery is because some time another one will come and say "hey mates I discovered America" and he will take all the glory:33vff3o::33vff3o::33vff3o:

So it is time either Sido let us know or some other in few hours or days will take all the glory and Sido will have a worthless thing to keep for himself. Let's see(Y)


Youth Team
Mogolos does make a good point. I mean at this point we have established exporting data from the rx3 files is possible. The next step is share the process and create an editor based on this great find. :) Major props !!!!