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You can try any of these solutions. Let me know if it works.
Good luck!
Unfortunately neither option worked. I tried with the other bcrypt, I tried running CGFE in Win7 mode. I didn't try running FIFA in Win7 mode but I didn't think that would work. In any event, none of these options are working for me unless you can think of something I did wrong. Is it really possible to run a mod through Frosty instead?
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Update v.5.1 released!

Hey NaFeR,

I have a question on the 5.1 update. I installed 5.0 with CGFE first on a fresh FIFA 18, no problems there. But how exactly should we install the 5.1 update? I only found the note from version 5.0 on general updating and followed that, importing the 5.1 update over the existing 5.0 in CGFE. Is this the correct way to do it? I ask because it looks like I did something wrong. I can start the game, but besides the clubs being correctly promoted and relegated according to 18/19 season, everything in the game is on default (starting with the splash screen).

Looking forward to your answer, thanks in advance!


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In the meantime, I managed to get FIP 5.1 to work. I did a clean install without 5.0.

The only thing that I'm missing now is a winter transfer update. Great work, thanks again :)