FIFA Community Mod - Old Versions


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CG Files does not support the import of jerseys.
That's what's causing problems for some people.

For Fifa 19, the problem will be definitively resolved.

See you soon


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CG Files does not support the import of jerseys.
That's what's causing problems for some people.
For Fifa 19, the problem will be definitively resolved.
See you soon
So, is there any way at ALL that you know of to play the new Community mod if I'm on the 1809 version of Windows? I was thinking of reinstalling an image I have of 1803 and stopping all updates. Right now I can't install the Community Mod, FIP, nothing.


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This mods is really awesome, but i found it a little difficult to install or modify the MOD pack. I did try to install it with a clean version and it always gives me a error at the end of the installation. Also I notice that some kits are either missing logos, or have double logos or the color of the names and numbers are the same as the kits. Once everything is installed i'm trying to edit everything but do i have to install the mod every time i want to modify it on the Creation master?

jesús narciso

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Hello all,

I thought I might share a minor career mode edit I have completed to this wonderful mod.

This edit removes the unplayable Asian Cup competition from the database and expands World Cup Qualifying to include playable Asian Qualifying (8 teams, 14 matches per team), African Qualifying (8 teams, 14 matches per team) and North American Qualifying (5 teams, 8 matches per team).

06/11/2018 - UPDATE - I have now included updated European WC qualifying in the below link. This update allows you to see all 30 European teams during qualifying. The teams have been split into 5 groups containing 6 teams each. The top 3 from each group progress to the world cup. Each team plays 15 times during qualifying.

I have also edited how many teams go into the World Cup with 15 from Europe, 5 from South America, 4 from Asia, 4 from Africa and 4 from North America.

The below link includes the files that need to be replaced using CG file explorer 18, just unzip the folder anywhere. This edit starts the career in 2016 so you have a chance to get a national team for the 2018 world cup.

Please back up your existing file prior to editing your mods.

Thank you


Hello, I'm still a little new to the CGFE tool. I can replace some of these files but I cannot locate all destinations. Could someone please help me implement this mod? I would be very appreciative. Thank you very much!


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I don't know what happened but suddenly my fifa doesn't start up with the mod? It did before, nothing changed and now it doesn't


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I don't know what happened but suddenly my fifa doesn't start up with the mod? It did before, nothing changed and now it doesn't
Everyone has been having the same problem. Updating Windows 10 has caused CGFE to not work. The maker of CGFE doesn't plan on updating it to make it compatible with the latest Windows update.


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Hello everyone,
Excuse me for the absence,
I am building the Fifa Community website, and it takes time, in addition to my job.
I am also working on the mod 18, which for me is not finished until the installation bugs are resolved.
A new version will be released at the end of March at the same time as the website.

Thanks for the support guys!
A small gift for the most generous :)

And see you soon for more Fifa Community !!!


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*****COMMUNITY MOD***** - 5.0

This patch groups together several mods from the community and makes them compatible.
A clean fifa is strongly advised, erased your team files before any installation

Special thanks for
The Community Mod Team - Southwest87 - BenWin - Rique - and all the others


- Fifa Infinity - IMStudios - ModdingWay - SoccerGaming
- Community (kits 18/19, New flags, banners, faces, logos, adboards...)
- Fifa Career Mod 4.0 (Ultra Immersive)
- Real promotions and relegations 18/19 for five big leagues
- Custom Groups for the European cups (almost real)
- News scripts (Leagues, Cups, Tournaments...)
- And other Community Mods

- Gameplay 4.0 (Ultra Immersive)
- New Caméra System
- PS Controller
- TV Channels

IMPORTANT: Leagues and cups available and playable.
GERMANY: League 1-2-3 ENGLAND: League 1-2-3-4
AUSTRALIA: League 1 AUSTRIA: League 1
BELGIUM: League 1 BRAZIL: League 1

CHILE: League 1 COLOMBIA: League 1-2
REP. OF KOREA: League 1 DENMARK: League 1
SCOTLAND: League 1 SPAIN: League 1-2
USA: League 1 FRANCE: League 1-2
ITALY: League 1-2 JAPAN: League 1
MEXICO: League 1 NORWAY: League 1
HOLLAND: League 1 POLAND: League 1
PORTUGAL: League 1 RUSSIA: League 1
SWEDEN: League 1 TURKEY: League 1

(Only playable at kickoff - Custom competitions and career simulation)

CHINA: League 1 GREECE: League 1
CZECH REP.: League 1 ROMANIA: League 1
Some Chinese, Greek, Czech, Romanian and some of the rest of the world will only have home and goalkeeper jerseys.
This is due to the large number of additions to the database.
Tournament and Custom Cups
Not available in 64 teams due to the number of competitions added in the game including the career mod.
Available for 2-4-6-8-16-32 teams

Default Camera Version!ibxFHY7I!pFXehF_rqQ1wqQcaQHun26cmxqHwUoYNrKsv5SjpjLQ

New Camera System Version!qDgjUSpL!y2-mXynhEOnGJpoJANTs_zNTyLnduK9nrAbI-Yru4_k


To install
1/ Start CGFile Explorer
2/ Choose Fifa 18.exe
3/ Import a new patch
4/ Choose Community Mod
5/ Load the mod (this can be long - 10/15 min)
6/ Close CGFile Explorer and play
7/ Only Offline

To install Teams
1/ Download the correct squad file
2/ And copy C: \Documents \Fifa18 \ settings

***This mod only works with CGfile Explorer***

GAMEPLAY 4.0!uTxkzKzY!Y8pBfs78ngDX-GoUk-_E9S6PmKsU_WOyiQvaWXoyTAw
GAMEPLAY 3.0!TSxhQLBI!MI72nD7t7d1XluJj5099MPlmBgDLc6MfFXSmvzcVrBA

To install
1/ Copy the downloaded locate.ini file
2/ And replace the one found in
C: \ProgramFiles \OriginGames \Fifa18 \Mods \Community 1.x \Win32_data
and C: \ProgramFiles \OriginGames \Fifa18 \data_Original or data
**Replace the original locate.ini to play online**


To install
The mod is already included, but we must add the image
1/ Copy the downloaded controller.png file
2/ And replace the one found in
C: \ProgramFiles \OriginGames \Fifa18 \FIFASetup \Resources


To install
1/ After installing the version of your choice
2/ Downloaded the TV channel of your choice
3/ Start CG file with the loaded version (brazilian, greek, romanian, etc.)
4/ Choose import
5/ Check the boxes carefully Legacy Files and Bundle Files
6/ Then import selection
7/ Wait for the end of the import
8/ Then press create mod
9/ Choose your installed and existing version


To install
1/ Installation identical to TV channel mod. Follow the same steps.

- Brasileirao and Campeonato de Chile fully updated
- Greek Super League, Czech HET liga, Chinese Super League, Romanian Liga I added and playable in Career Simulation Only and Tournament modes
- Added 2018 season promoted teams in French, Italian, Spanish, German, English, Colombian, Korean, Japanese, Norwegian and Swedish leagues.
- UEFA Champions League 2018/19 And UEFA Europa League 2018/19.
- Al-Ahly (EGY), Auckland City (NZL), Kitchee SC (HKG) and Los Angeles FC (USA) added in Rest of World. “Rest of world team” with missing important players added.
- FIFA Club World Cup, AFC Champions League and CONCACAF Champions League playables in Career Mode.
- Copa do Brasil, SSE Airtricity League and Irish EA Sports Cup.
- Licensed names, kits, minikits and logos for all the unlicensed teams.
- Licensed names and logos for unlicensed leagues and competitions.
- New player faces edited via ingame editor.
- Uncloked all the new faces added in World Cup update in all game modes.
- Unlocked all World Cup stadiums in all game modes.
- Unlocked all boots and balls.
- New Animated adboards for UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League and many Leagues.
- Custom flags for many teams.
- Two “Classic XI” teams with FUT Icons and FUT Legends.
- 24 new manager faces unlocked and real manager names for all teams.
- Real stadium names for all teams.
- Unlocked all the new national teams added in World Cup update in all game modes.
- FIFA World Cup mode updated with realistic squads and 23 players per team.
- More than 8000/8500 actual minifaces And More than 200/250 clubs 18/19 kits.
- New logos, kits 18/19, more than 500 banners (MLS, BPL, Serie A, Ligue 1-2, Liga NOS, Bundesliga, La Liga, RPL, National teams and others).
- All new revo gp cams in game (kick off view, 0.70 revo setup).
- New TV Channels (BBCSports, BeinSports1, BeinSportsConnect, EASportsTV, ESPNHD, Eurosport, FoxSports, GloboTV, ITVSports, SkySports, TRT).
- New Playstation Controller
- New Gameplay 4.0 (Ultra Immersive)
- New Career Mod 4.0 (Ultra Immersive)





To check that everything is installed correctly.
In friendly match
Check that the Greece Romania China teams are present.
In Career Manager
Check the training of the penaltys
Check that speed is added.
Wow,so many good leagues.