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FIFA 23 Nintendo Switch to FIFA 14, 16


Youth Team
Based on what I have gathered here, I suppose I should not even attempt to convert them.
it depends to what game you are converting to.
other people converted to fifa 14 without problems...
the problem is when you convert to fifa 16


Youth Team

as you can see i dont have any problem with hair, the problem is with neck, i used same settings like you
only converted hair,hairlod and head models. and face_texture
yes, you are right, there is a small problem with the neck.


Stadiums, miniballs and minikits are uploaded :)
I tried resizing all the hair_textures then using Tokee software, I attempted to reimport them from Rx3 template FIFA 14 to destination resize to source size , I obtain a message stating unhandled exception .

Note that I was not attempting to convert the switch hair_textures.rx3 file, I was simply reimporting them the textures into the rx3 after exporting them and resizing them all to 128x128 for the ps vita .
i used to do that before for previous fifa but never had a problem . Any help would be appreciated ! Thank you .
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I solved the problem with the hair_texture. It appears that the old version of Tokkee software fixes the problem I was having. Somehow when I used the fixed version of Tokkee software it doesn’t work .

The Wizard

Reserve Team
@mita996 can you please also upload the crowdplacement files?

And the stadium preview pictures? ui --> imgAssets --> stadium and stadiumsbig
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