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FIFA 21 Women's Faces


Club Supporter
Uhm, I have them but I did not upload the hair textures with the faces.. because the hair textures are just in white & black and.. they're useless if you want to convert them for older FIFA games where the hair textures must be colored.


Youth Team
transfer the women's team to rest of world (id = 76) by using rdbm>opening up squad file>going to leagueteamlinks and then changing the id of women's team from 2000something (probably 2092) to 76. after that, you transfer the women from their national teams to free agents (or any team) ingame and also transfer some low rated players be able to get all women's players in the game.
Hey man, I have a question, I can use woman referees por men games but changing the gender works only. Do you know how can I use woman referees in men's games without a gender change? thanks!


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Can someone please extract the FIFA 21 Women's Real Faces and share them here?
It would really help me convert these women's faces for FIFA 07, my all time favorite FIFA game. I try to create at least 32 women's national teams for FIFA 07 and the women's World Cup tournament
but there are only few good pictures of female footballers available. I was able to find the women's minifaces from FIFA Index and SoFifa but they are tiny (120x120).
EDIT: I was able to download and install FIFA 21 on my crappy PC in order to extract these faces myself. I'll share all the faces of female footballers from FIFA 21 in here in case there are other FIFA/PES modders like myself who want to convert these women's faces for older FIFA or PES games.
I Can't download the file can someone please help me?