FIFA 2005 Controls and Gamepads Thread


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is there an aplication that can change the keyboard buttons with gamepads buttons?
so that we can change the buttons a,s,d,q,w,e,c with the joypad buttons and the arrows too!
Logitech Dual Action promblems

Hi guys im having abit of trouble with my Logitech Dual Action controller well i tell you what happend anyway ok well it was working fine before now when i play during the match with the left anlog stick instead the players do the first touch tricks and i cant even control my players :( i even got the latest drivers and reinstalled my game and still the same is happening if some can please help me it would be great thanks :)


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Logitech Cordless Rumblepad 2 is better, but i have Logitech Dual Action too

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Get a gamepad, simple !!!!! I had wingman cordless by logitech and the keys couldnt be re-mapped. Just got a cordless rumblepad 2 and it is the mutts nutts, plays and feels just like a ps2 pad. fully compatible and worth every penny !


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Re: ok

Originally posted by racear
simply find your controller in this directory in regedit


then rename it to one of the pads supported in the read me

for example mine is a ps2 pad so i renamed
Logitech DualAction USB under OEMNAME
i cant my controller its a saitek sp550


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i have done that with my old gamepad!!!
i am playing only with my keyboard but this is great discovering for all you.
so racear has right.good job

this is what you must do
1)run regedit
2)then edit>find
3)put there the name of your will find that in control panel>game controler
4)when it find that,rename it to "Logitech DualAction USB"
5) Press F3 to find next then do the same
6) press F3 and rename them until its over

if you have done these steps then in control panel>game controler you must see the name "Logitech DualAction USB" that means it's OK
now go play fifa 2005 and go to options to change the keys you want
the only problem is that you can't change "first touch" ("shift" in keyboard) but i think if you have analog stick i think it will solve the problem

good luck


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Fifa 2005 has support for various gamepads.
I have the Saitek p880 and it works fine.
Go to My Documents/Fifa 2005/user
There is a file called mappings.dat
You can open it with excel and see the names of the controllers. It will say it's not a format for excel, but open it anyway and it will show you the names of the controllers.
Just make sure that in the regedit you change the name of your controller to exactly how it is written in the mappings.dat file.
But I don't think the Saitek sp550 is on the list.


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I have a Nyko Air Flo, its not listed on the list of gamepads for fifa05, but it is supported. I just plug it to my usb, nothing else. It work like magic, no calibration problems, and the buttons can be re-assigned. Its perfect so far!!!!!!!!!


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so the short answer to my question is that I can edit all my registry keys and f*ck up every other game I own that recognizes my Saitek P3000 controller perfectly to attempt to play Fifa 2005.

No thanks, WE7 works great out of the box.

EA screwed up NHL royally this year and now they've lost more of my money for FIFA with this controller issue as well. Maybe they'll try harder next year.


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I have this same problem as u
I oso did what u have done. BUT still not working
while my wingman rumblepad is ok for me but i sill like to use the logitech dual action.

can someone out there help us


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I've got an microsoft sidewinder gamepad usb!
it worked nice until i had to reinstall the game! now when i press the "one touch" button and the d pad to the left ,the player go right!and the same when i shoud go right,it go left!
the same **** when i take freekicks,when i adjust the curl at the ball,i must take thed pad up to go down!!
i can't enter the controller section in the menu,when i click controls i enter where it says keyboard and all the controls for keyboard.nothing works in there just the back button!
tryed to caliberite the pad but it's still the same!
enyone have the same problem or a solution??????
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USB PS2 controller converter

When I start up fifa 2005 the controller seems like it is stuck on 1 button because on the language selection list is just on a continuous cycle.

If I manage to then select English while it is wizzing through the languages, the team selection menu is then wizzing through all the teams.

they work on fifa 2003

can anyone make a suggestion on how to fix this problem.



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Wrong forum mate!

Sounds to me like ya controller isnt configured right. Try going to the controller options and setting up each button manually. Another reaon you may not have your controller selected as the primary device, check this as your configuring the joystick.


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is the logitech dual action gamepade worth it?

hey, im having problems with my usb ps2 converter thing and when i play fifa i cant use the right analogue stick properly and im wondering if its worth buying the logitech gamepad because to me without the skills and first touch sorta takes some of the fun away from the game and being able to skin someone online with the use of the analogue stick is unbeatable and at the mo i cant do this, so do you think its worth the £20.00 for the gamepad?