FIFA 20 Career Mode Patch by Afif


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Since i got some free time during Covid-19 Pandemic, i made this as contribution to the FIFA 20 community.
I attach these files (.fbproject , .fbmod , and edited data folder ) into .zip so you can edit the way you like it.
This patch compatible with March 31st update.

Patch Notes:
+Training Attributes Drill suitable for each position.
+Training result same from level A to F. (Faster player growth using training method)
+Player Overall Rating revealed starting from 40 up to 100.
+Player most likely to stay in the same league. (Ex: From EPL to EPL/Championship/Division1/Division2)
+Scouted player numbers increased per each scout level.
+Max Youth Squad size increased and Youth Player age retirement increased.
+Transfer deadline increased from 10 hours to 24 hours.
+Easy Job Offer level and more choice for league and international level.
+Short loan increased from 3 month to 6 month.
+Crowd attendance decreased to 25% minimum if Team perform badly.
+Minimum squad size increased from 18 to 22.
+Player retirement starting from 34 years old up to 50 years old.


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"+Crowd attendance decreased to 25% minimum if Team perform badly."
this is a nice add(hope is working!) .. compatible with other mods like Paul or Slim(EEP) .. ?! .. & congrats for this stuff .. :ball:


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compatible with other mods like Paul or Slim(EEP) .. ?
This mod are vanilla based, nothing added to it. Therefore, it should be compatible with any mod.
If you playing with Slim EEP, follow his guide down below :
Q: Is EEP compatible with Pauls or any other (“realism”) career mods?

A: Yes if you are following these steps: 1. start the career without any career mods applied, 2. save the career and close fifa, 3. apply the career mod but put it of the top of your frosty-mod-manager order! (TOP not BOTTOM!!!), 4. reload your career and have fun..


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Sorry I'm using google translator. How do you install the mod? I already have Paul's. Thanks ps: I already know that FrostyModManager is used but must I put them in a sequence? Thanks again


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nice idea.
if used with other mods, does the file still contain teams that failed during the year, such as Bury and Veracruz?


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Hi bro, i just wanna ask how to make edit of this mod? and where to put and activate the edited data folder?
thank you!


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for Max Youth Squad size increased, it is a issue,you have a try,when,the size change to 22,your Youth wii be not add,max is 16.