FIFA 15 Better Career Patch


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qasar80;3745661 said:
Hi everyone.
I want to ask if someone has found RW and LW players in career when using search function.
I find only RM and LM if I search midfielders and ST if I search attackers.
RW and LW appear only if I search all, with no positioning specification.
This puzzles me.

Yes this. it's a stupid mistake by EA to not include RW/LW in the search options.
It's very hard to search for them now.


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huzzuk;3745247 said:
The Career Mode Patch doesn't do this, it's definately a problem in the Vanilla game. Just wondered if it could be improved by the patch at all
Hi huzzuk,

Thanks for the report.
In v0.7 I've added a new file that seems to be used:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\FIFA 15\data\teammanagement\managerai.ini
There is also a same file here:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\FIFA 15\dlc\dlc_FootballCompEng\dlc\FootballCompEng\data\managerai.ini
Need to look into it, but will try to get it to work (better) in v0.8.
milano199;3745326 said:
I have a problem since im using version 0.6. Almost on any Player i want to sign i get the message back that they recently moved to this team, but that is not the case.
I dont have this problem in 0.5 but it started in 0.6 and is still there in 0.7.
I have pictures below so you can see it yourself.
Im not using any other mod and hope that you can fix this.
Yeah, sorry about that. I've changed this so CPU/AI transfers would not happen in the same year. If you are in the second season, it should work.

What happens when you set the following values higher inside transferteamdecision.ini?
MONTH_1	= 18
MONTH_2	= 24
MONTH_3	= 28
MONTH_4 = 34
MONTH_5 = 38
MONTH_6 = 48
MONTH_7 = 60
MONTH_8 = 1000

SCORE_1	= -250
SCORE_2	= -175
SCORE_3	= -100
SCORE_4	= -50
SCORE_5	= -20
SCORE_6	= 0
SCORE_7	= 0
SCORE_8	= -40
SCORE_1	= 0
SCORE_2	= 0
SCORE_3	= 0
SCORE_4	= 0
SCORE_5	= 0
SCORE_6	= 0
SCORE_7	= 0
kostajEE;3745501 said:
how i can make players growth faster then you did on patch 0.6?
See playergrowth.ini, set the following values higher:
NORMAL_PHYS_Y_0 = 75 // this one
You can do the same for NORMAL_SKILL_X_0, NORMAL_MENTAL_X_0, YOUNG_PHYS_X_0, OLD_PHYS_X_0, CM_PHYS_X_0, etc.


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sikes;3745511 said:
Great patch, beta! :)
Are you able to create a cm game plan that is 100% accurate to real life (without any delayed or antedated matches)?
Will try, but remember it's still a game. ;)
Could you be more specific?
SHORTCIRCUT;3745561 said:
You my friend deserve a medal;-). It actually works, thank you!

As for feedback beta, I think you need to make simming matches more varied. Most of the time the scores are always 1-0 or 2-0. Subs never get used and there are little to none cards and/or injuries (Adds a little bit of competition:p)

And for transfers, I think we're all fine with less top player movement however I think there should be more player movement in general. For example BPL clubs should be bringing in more players rather than the npower league 2 or the liga portuguesa. And also, more teams should bid on your players even if theyre not listed.

Another thing for player growth, older players should decline a little bit slower

Overall, these patches are getting better and better so keep up the work! :D
Thanks for the feedback, also glad you've got it to work. :)

The fifadb.xml is needed btw. It increases the free-agents, transfers, etc.
Please try with it, but it may indeed requires to start a new career. ;)
VizualDze;3745621 said:
This patch is excellent! A few feedback notes:

I agree with SHORTCIRCUT, there doesn't seem to be enough mid levels transfers. On deadline day going into my third season I checked all the premier league clubs transfer business and aside from me only two other clubs had bought or sold anyone.

Also the randomised players that come through the youth development always seems to have one of the two same haircuts. Is there any way of making this more varied?
Could you please try v0.7 (if on v0.6)? :)

About haircuts, will take a look. But you could also unlock player editing. :P
qasar80;3745661 said:
Hi everyone.
I want to ask if someone has found RW and LW players in career when using search function.
I find only RM and LM if I search midfielders and ST if I search attackers.
RW and LW appear only if I search all, with no positioning specification.
This puzzles me.
Hmm.. don't know if this can be solved. Only EA can code backend/fronted stuff. ;)
MrKramer;3745664 said:
I have tested V0.6 till 4rd season now (normal, not simulating) and it's great so far.
Ive played "Go Ahead Eagles" from the Eredivisie
I have a couple of things that need improvements.

- Lower teams don't transfer players enough, they need to hire, buy and sell more players.
- Stamina for scouted youth is not good, its very low and doesn't grow wel.
- The grow of Goalkeepers is not good enough, i don't know if that can be changed seperate from the other players but every one grows except GK's.
- I don't get any transfer offers for any of my players if i don't put them up for transfer and if i do they are bidding way below value.

I also have a bug where i my controller suddenly doesn't work good anymore it freezes the whole time, i don't know if it has anything to do with this patch but i still let you know, maybe someone else is experiencing the same issue.

Overall this mod is a great improvement.
Good Job!
What version are you using? :)
I have uploaded v0.7, that should fix some issues.
Carlos*son88;3745673 said:
guys a question, is there a way to block the age of the players in a way that never retreat?
Yes and no. It could be possible, but the max age is still restricted to 45.
Remember that if player retirement is disabled, the database could grow to big, and could lead to crashes/slower gameplay.


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beta990;3745766 said:
Will try, but remember it's still a game. ;)
Could you be more specific?

For example when playing Bundesliga:

The third match day is being scheduled before the second match day is played.

Weekends with international matches are off, which is absolutely fine, but cause the game to reschedule matches, that would normally take place on the following weekend, in the weeks (mostly Tuesdays to Thursdays). Then again the weekend (where the match day would regularly take place) is completely free.
-Hope you understand what i mean :)
And there are more such problems as the season goes on.

I know its details but very very annoying and unnecessary, if you ask me...

Supposedly schedules can be changed:
This is BL:


Idk how to edit this though... :)


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beta990;3745766 said:
Could you please try v0.7 (if on v0.6)? :)

About haircuts, will take a look. But you could also unlock player editing. :P

Player edit in career mode only allows you to change boots and style of kit. You can't edit anything to do with the actual look of the player.


Youth Team
Here we go, after some hours of testing v0.7
(sorry for the long text)

-Playervalues & CPU-Askingprice

Im two minded about your changes.
Basically i like your changes, but it need some tweaking and balancing.

Some values are too high and some too low.


-CB & GK too high generally
-RB/LB just a little bit too low

-I would love to see playervalue even more influenced by reputation & prestige and if offer is above teambudget. A penalty up to prestige 12 would be cool, because even a club like FC Red Bull Salzburg has 10 international prestige.

-Needs better balance for age.
Let´s take reallife Xavi for example.
27/28 - €35m
28/29 - €55m
29/30 - €60m
30/31 - €48m
31/32 - €35m
32/33 - €15m
33/34 - € 5m
With your current settings, players start to loose value too early.

-Value for ~74-77ovr./~25-28y is too high. Especially if 2-3 potential points left. (somewhere in this ranges)

-Value for <70 players with high potential (+84) is too high. Especially if they are very young. I get a lot of youthplayers having a value above &#8364;10m.

-Value for >70 players with middle potential (~82) is a little bit too low.

-A lot of world class players (+87ovr) end up with a value around &#8364;65m. Like it is some kind of maximum value.


-I like the fact, that CPU is not always asking stupid crazy prices for their players.

-I would suggest a lower suggestion rate. ;)

-If only 1 year contract-time left, penalty on the asking price should be higher.


I will use + and -

+Less stupid transfers and cpu tends more to perspective players.
+A good amount of transfers for lower clubs. (<3 stars teams)
+Players tend more to sign with new clubs, instead of resigning
+No problems to sell/loan players. Even though i would wish the offers would be better for players i put on transfer list.
+Better budgets

+-Way less top player movement. BUT we are getting to the point of nearly no top player movement at all.
Most of the time i see more movement in the winter, than in the summer. In summer transfer window 2015/2016 the greatest transfer was a young talent for &#8364;22m to Dortmund.
There are a lot of negotiations, but most of the time it´s the player who refuse. Seydou Doumbia refused 4 offers in 2 years. (Arsenal, Milan, Wolfsburg) Kevin de Bruyne refused 3 offers in 2 years. (PSG, Liverpool, Atletico)

+-I get transfer requests for my players. But mainly for my first eleven players and the offers are sometimes ridiculous. PSG & Mancity offered &#8364;58m for 88ovr Götze. His value was already &#8364;62m. I know this is just the first offer, but come on.

-Not enough transfers for middle/high clubs. (3.5-5 stars)
Still over 50% of the clubs in BPL and Bundesliga are unactive for over 2-3 years in a row. And if they sell, they sometimes dont even get a replacement. (!!!)

-High potential players stick too long with their initial clubs. Player should force a transfer, if their level is above teamrating.

-Players sometimes moving too fast. Firmino moved in first winter transfer window for &#8364;22m to Arsenal and just one year later for &#8364;26m to AS Monaco. Still not sure how i should feel about this.


The playergrowth is almost perfect. All my players are growing.
It just needs little tweaks.

-The maximum points/season i managed to let a player grow, is 5 points ovr.
But mostly for 17-21 years old players. After that they will have a little drop and will rather grow 2-3 points. CPU-Players on the other side can grow 6-8 points ovr/season.

-Older players (30-34) have too much grow for skill attributes. Ribery´s growth was bigger than his decline, and so he was even able to grow 1 point ovr.

-Skill growth for 26-30y players could be higher.

-Physical attribute growth for young players should be little bit higher. (17-21)

-Player start to decline way too early. I saw Lewandowski decline with 27y in physicsal attributes. This shouldn´t start before the age of 30. (!!!)

-But that doesn´t mean i want to see less decline in general.

-GK-Growth acts still strange. Sometimes it works and sometimes not.

-Retirement/Old Players

Sorry, that i have to repeat myself, but i really think players should retire earlier. I saw no player retirement before the age of 35. Wingers and strikers dont always play that long.

CPU-Teams are re-signing with old players again and again and again.
Liverpool gave 36y old Gerrard (76ovr.) a 3year contract. :clap:


CPU-Teams seems to use the best possible players.
I think the managerai helped.

I would like to see more substitutions in simulated games.
I noticed more injuries already. Is this just a coincidence, or did you changed it?

Have you also changed something about the schedules? I had to play two times against Dortmund in the first season-half. This is not usual for the Bundesliga. Didn´t noticed this before, so im not sure, if this is the same in Vanilla.

Is there a possibility to increase the physical attributes for youthplayers, without editing the db?

I had no time to test the gameplay.
Like always, many thanks for your efforts.


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I have a quick question on the stamina tweaks. As things are just now, most of my players struggle to play two games in a row because they are usually at 75% stamina if I try to start them in consecutive matches. This is causing all my key players to ask for transfer requests cause they aren't playing every game. Is it possible to adjust the player stamina depletion levels or the player morale so this doesn't happen on a weekly basis?

Also, am I able to update to the latest version of the patch and then continue an ongoing career mode with the new features?


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Could someone please explain to me what I alter in youth_scout.ini to make getting a young player with high potential more frequent? I'm a season in with three five star scout and the best I've got is one guy with potential between 79-92. It's been sitting like that for months and doesn't appear to be narrowing down like usual. I'm on the latest update.


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what do i edit so i don't get fired? it worked in the earlier version but since updating to 0.7 it seems like it doesn't work..thanks!


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Muzzsjm;3743514 said:
I have a bug to report!

Since installing this my controls and game are a bit messed up. I use a Logitech Dual Action pad which is supported by the game and worked before install.

1. When I'm the goalkeeper for penalties I no longer have control and have to SIDE SELECT and use keyboard to save them.

2. When I press the DOWN TACTIC D-PAD it now gives me a list of subs so to change, pressing, counter attack, possession or long ball tactic I have to START into the menu and Team Management.

Hey beta, I had the same problem than Muzzsjm, so I tested the rna.ini searching for the cause.
This line is causing the problem:

It's needed to be deleted in order to get the D-PAD fully functional again.


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beta990;3736197 said:
V0.6 Released @ 07-10-2014
- Gameplay: Lowered speed, less tackling

all looks great but why u decrease "less tackling" to me tackling is more realistic! How to increase them??


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Is there any way to change to metric system? I used to have settings in Dutch so it was no problem but now its forced to English? Atleast..I can't change the settings anymore it seems. Don't wanna be stuck with 5"whatever players, want to see the centimeters :p


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visions6699;3746129 said:
what do i edit so i don't get fired? it worked in the earlier version but since updating to 0.7 it seems like it doesn't work..thanks!

It was in board.ini which got deleted for the list of .ini files in .0.7. Beta can you replace board.ini please?


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I'm not sure if you can do this, but I see three main problems with Goalkeeper gameplay.
1. They all seem to dive either towards a ball that is right next to them that they should catch or parry out of bounds especially when the attacker is running towards the near post
2. I see no difference in skill levels between League 2 goalkeepers and Manuel Neuer; they all make ridiculous top corner saves all the time. The % of shots they stop fully stretched is completely unrealistic.
3. Goalkeepers still give up stupid rebounds on weakly hit balls. They should catch more and parry less.


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Simsbury88;3746273 said:
Does anyone know where FIFA 15 stores your Career Mode saves? It used to be in my documents but it's not anymore

They are still in my documents, but in the folder "0"


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I guess one of the golden grails would be if it's ever possible to change the assigned stadium in an ongoing career mode? Especially good for those who want to start at a small club and build them into a giant :)