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FIFA 14 - First Details


Senior Squad

6:35 - Is that Navas signaling to the ref he's being fouled? Nice add-on EA, nothing ground breaking but certainly fun.
So far all I'm seeing is slightly improved marking and a few new cutting animations. EA really has to fix the defensive AI because tighter marking doesn't mean good awareness of positioning. Also the speed still seems a bit too fast, especially when in transition from walking/jogging to running. The walk animation is faster than the slow jog animation, so there's unrealistic transitions. Players slide across sometimes when walking. In FIFA 13 and now 14 too, the regular dribbling speed is faster than some players' jogging speed without the ball. There should be distinct differences between different levels of acceleration, not just exaggerated gestures and body shifts. Of course, there is improvement nonetheless; just not as much as I expected.


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League list => Polish T-Mobile Ekstraklasa is fully licenced!

Stadiums list

Soundtrack (wow, Nine Inch Nails :O)



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regularcat;3546682 said:
what is the point of signaling to the referee if they never call fouls anyway ?
Well, true. Its a nice add-on, would be even better if EA decided to increase fouls in the game. Gameplay still looks fast, although feeds from those who played demo are of noticeable gameplay speed decrease compared to fast paced FIFA 13.


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darrek1988;3546662 said:
Soundtrack (wow, Nine Inch Nails :O)
I heard rumors of "Empire Of The Sun - Alive" being in the soundtrack. Too bad its not included, but Well, custom soundtrack is always an option ;)


Starting XI
sam_red devil;3548183 said:
lol...bale is nt among top15!!!!!
This is funny to you because you think he belongs in the top 15, or because Real Madrid overpaid by 60-70 million?