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The file is corrupted or is not placed correctly, try to check out if you changed something in the file, you must use the same file of FIFA 13.

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Sepak! Thanks so much for this Tutorial! You are Great! (Y)

When I click Import, this error appears.

Edit: Already solved.


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Waldo1639;3574226 said:
I converted Jacopo Sala FIFA 13 face to FIFA 14 format with Converter and this is the result:

What I did wrong?
Don't convert all your .rx3 files, it is only necessary to convert the file containing the head itself. The texture files (for eyes and skin) can be used without conversion.


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hi Sepak,how do you move around model in Blender,without moving model and without middle mouse or G(like did you did to see model from front).sorry for my english


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mrxero;3575193 said:
when i added these faces using cm14 to the fifa it craches!
i think it's because the hair model!
beause no need using CM14 for that, i think you need to read forum


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I'm having the same problems as DizzeeSpellz. I'm using autodesk as well.
Though I'm able to get my rx3 file into CM14, it still crashes my game.
I've tried using the other model set, by JosueLMM (source from moddingway). But this one doesn't morph properly in autodesk. It's like it's morphing inside-out:

Does anyone have an idea to resolve this?


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Hey everyone, im new to thsi forum and to fifa, and everytime i try to edit a face using CM14 and i try to put texture the app cant recognize any textures i have. I tried puting these textures at the sceneassets folder and deleted "squads1" and still there is no change. Does anybody knows what im doing wrong?


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once i asked this question recently, to use 14 faces in older (12,13) fifas
„hi all, i haven't found any solution to use fifa14 faces in fifa13, so is this possible, reverse converter from fifa14 to fifa13??? thank you in advance for your help”
any news about this???