FIFA 14 Faces - General Discussion/Tutorials/Tools


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Here it is a complete guide to edit everything related to Faces(textures, hairs, heads, etc).

First, the tools:


-Compatible with FIFA 12/13/14. This tool allows you to convert faces from .rx3 format to .cff format. Besides it comes with a script for Blender 2.49b version that allows you to import and edit a head model. It's compatible for Fifa 12 and 13, but thanks to Moddingway/Ariel we can make it compatible for Fifa 14(check FIFA 14 to Cyber Face Converter - Head Converter).

FIFA 14 to Cyber Face Converter - Head Converter:

-You can convert FIFA 14 faces to a format compatible with the cyber face converter. Check the thread and the previous tool for more information.


-Version 2.49b: The version we've been using for the last two years. The quintessential software of the facemaker, where we edit our models.

-Version 2.68a: With the script made by Arianos10, we can now move on to the last version of Blender. Now, making possible to edit heads and hairs!

FIFA 14 3D Importer/Exporter:

-Thanks to Arianos, now we can edit any 3D rx3. model we want. Making possible to edit hairs! check his thread and tutorials.


-A really easy way to create a face, introduce a photo, and this program will make the model and texture for you.


-The best tool to make textures. Choose the version you like the most.


FIFA 12/13 Faces Compatibility:

The structure of faces changed in FIFA 14, so the old faces (12/13) don't work anymore as we would expect. Thanks to moddingway we still can use them but with a little problem, they can't have mouth animations. If this is not a problem to you, check this thread:



Hair fitting tutorial by lth19951021:
-Case 1.



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-How do I import faces?

There usually are 6 files for each face(face texture, hair, hair textures, hairlod, eyes texture and head), like this:


The number indicates the id of the player. If the player you want to add has already a face(made by EA), you need to regenerate You can find several regenerators in this forum. If the face is generic, you need Revolution Mod, install it. Now that you know what you need, what you have to do is to place the files in the next folder(if it doesn't exist, create one):

Origin Games\FIFA 14\Game\data\sceneassets

The face_xxxxx_0_0_0_0_0_0_0_0_textures.rx3 goes in the sceneassets\faces folder.
The hair_xxxxx_0_0.rx3 and hair_xxxxx_0_textures.rx3 go in \sceneassets\hair folder.
The hairlod_xxxxx_0_0.rx3 goes in sceneassets\hairlod folder.
The eyes_xxxxx_0_textures.rx3 and head_xxxxx_0.rx3 go in sceneassets\heads folder.

-Why are the textures in png instead of .rx3? How do I import them?

Well, there are some lazy facemakers who don't add all the required .rx3 files, what you have to do is to use rx3 master(not released yet). Find a face.rx3 of any other face, open it with rx3 master, import the png of the face you want to add and save. Change the id of this face.rx3 for the one you need, and that's it, you can import it in the faces folder. Do the same for the eye texture.


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With EA FIFA 13 Model




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From what i saw on the new textures and from i can see in theis screen the upper lip and chin texture have been modiffied (besides the ears teeths.etc)


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We need to be able to convert faces this time, modding
has come a long way since 2011. Losing all our great works
would be really gutting.

Surely someone can come up with some kind of conversion


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oh gosh
new structure-new problems...
I hope that in this season we'll have hair converter too


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i already posted this on another thread but a easy way to use the fifa 14 texs in 13 is just to widen the picture

i left the eyes and some mouth parts from the old ea text


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So sad to know about these kind of changes on facemaking...
I bet nobody will make a face converter from FIFA 13... :(