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Fifa 08 Screenshots & Videos.


Club Supporter
would someone be able to post some screens of the entire Toronto FC lineup and ratings....1st Canadian club ever in the game so i would appreciate it.



Starting XI
Wow, I have to say, the ball looked MUCH better in 07 compared to 08. These new balls look so unrealistic...no shade on them or anything...

Nice SS though! However they just made a blur effect in order to make the graphics seem better...


Club Supporter
Could Someone please make Screans for Sheffield Wednesday for mw as i dont have the right Graphics card yet.



Youth Team
i have seen many videos of tricks in fifa08.i am unable to do any of them.
are they next gen videos(posted in this thread)?
i am playing fifa08 in PC with keyboard.i play all games with keyboard,but doing tricks in fifa08 is very difficult.i never tried doing tricks in fifa07.i can do some tricks in free practice(CPU 1 player) but i press some key but something else happens.i think all tricks of fifa07 works in fifa08.so,i tried fifa07 manual for trying tricks.
i think keybaord keys sensitivity in doing fifa08 tricks is not good.


Starting XI
I have to admit, these animations make the game more real but man! It seems like the producers put sooo much feeling into these animations!! Just look after the player's been hit in the family jewels, he starts punching the ground, LOL


Reserve Team
thanks dipanjan and Interista13 :p by the way Interista13 your kits are simply amazing and the best is that you always focused on the not-top-club so really hope that there will be for fifa08 then :p


Club Supporter
the only reason they keep them crap is that to have a pc with next gen specs is too expensive for most people, so until prices for good graphics cards and everything becomes SLI they'll keep current gen graphics because EA will get more sales.

who is going to buy a game with really high specs that is as popular for fifa? not many. thus, EA keeps it at current gen.


Reserve Team
Ronaldo slapped by Maurizio Lanzaro!

hi guys! watch this... Ronaldo slapped by Maurizio Lanzaro! :crazyboy:

i was playing as AC Milan vs. Reggina for Serie A... i was playing on world class and really mess up at the time so i made that hard tackle from behind(?) :f***: but Ronaldo was just given a yellow card by the referee :confused: at the end i won 2-0 at San Siro :p