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Fifa 08 Screenshots & Videos.


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Original Resolution at 1280x1024.
I don't know if its my settings, but it doesnt' look very good.

Compared to Half-Life 2.

Maybe its because its just the demo...


mwah it looks ok to me, faces are in 2gf even..



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Screenshots look good, but it almost doesn't matter unless an animation is playing because we're zoomed out playing the game. We're never this close.

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Fifa doens't have anything with Half Life because its a diferent genre on is FPS another is Sports
I understand why people started to say that Fifa sucked this the people said that because they were waiting fo new generation graphics i say the gameplay is much better the commentary of the game is better now too the menus like i said the old ones look that everyone was sad and football is a happy game were the fans are much happy


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i would like to say that i dont like that they took faces from UEFA Champions league 06/07 game.I didnt like the faces and kit textures there and i dont like them in demo.Lets hope that in full version there are better graphics.

(and i also hate how Van Der Sar look from far,Hes like some german big hair g*y)


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FI.Matthijs;2394176 said:
How does the captain armband looks like? In FIFA07 it was awful :p[/QUOTE

I´ve made pictures from both game.The captain´s armband is great in fifa 08.But yes in 07 it really sucked!



stevene11;2394797 said:
Silencer, great screenshot as usual~!:shades:

Wow Steven that's a long time since I spoke to you here :o
Thanks :D hope you stick around for Fifa 08!

Captains bands look much better and more natural to me in the F08 version, hopefully you will be able to edit it so it will be more realistic cause now every captain is running around with the Spanish flag on their arm :rofl: