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FIFA 07 Multimedia Thread

Håkan Mild

Club Supporter
Hey Alex,
Can you tell me which teams in the Allsvenskan have generic jerseys besides Hammarby? I cannot get the game untill Tuesday.


Club Supporter
Was hoppin someone could post a screen or two of FC Porto's roster and player ratings. Thanks A Million!

Chacarita Juniors

The artist formerly known as ronnifan9
jimmorrison nice screens man! Post whatever screens you find or have of the Mexican league, please. btw, I never expected to see Efrain Valdez in the game. Nice (Y)


Senior Squad
anyone seen any PS3 shots? Im deliberating over a PS3 or Xbox 360... not asking for opinions, but I've only seen 360 shots, and football games are what I would probably play most.


Starting XI
The next FIFA you'll see on the PS3 will be FIFA 08. 07 is a 360 exclusive as EA SPORTS were sent the PS3 dev.kits too late.



Youth Team
nickclubman said:
The next FIFA you'll see on the PS3 will be FIFA 08. 07 is a 360 exclusive as EA SPORTS were sent the PS3 dev.kits too late.


I wouldn't be suprised if they put out another game as a release title for ps3 - maybe a champions league game or something.


Reserve Team

as a pro evolution fan this is what you call progress. I left in 2003 but EA are making real progress and are showing ambition by making dramatic improvements.

I mean look at the pile they released for XBOX360. I'm talking about world cup 2006 that came out earlier this year with the release of XBOX 360. Then compare that game with this game!

This why Konami need to fix up because a company like EA can surpass what Konami are doing quite easily. They have the abilities. Konami need to start making progress. I've seen Pro Evolution on XBOX360 and it doesnt look as good as FIFA 07 graphically. I dont think Pro Evo players will see real progress till Summer next year when the PS3 comes out.

The gameplay has definitely improved from the days of 2003! But Konami haev only made tiny changes since PES3!


Club Supporter
On FIFA 2007 im making a dynasty here and a manager mode and i post the matches up on youtube! I must admit I have some really great curling Goals especcialy one using D.C.Santos against Levante! Look my Youtube user up on youtube and check out all my games. I Post a new one up almost every hour.

My Youtube Username is : karam94

Check me out for loads of great goals! Not forgetting Real Madrid vs Barcelona! (Should be up about tommorow!)