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FIFA 07 Multimedia Thread

Here are some pics I found of FIFA 07, i think they are for the next gen systems:

More Images i have found of FIFA 2007: Sorry only Mexican teams

If you guys notice in Barca's reserves there is 2 Mexicans:
Giovanni Dos Santos and Efrain Juarez who was from Pumas


Reserve Team
Many portuguese kits are wrong, or just plain blue, white, etc..

following EA's ideas, Braga 1st kit is grey and the red one (the real 1st kit) don't exist. All years Academica has black kit has first.. even in the game... so why this year is different? lol


The Super-Swede
yeah i dont understand that eigher..same with allsvenskan, many plain kits, and hammarby didnt even had a logo :O nah, fifa 07 is far away from what i expected...they added some cool stuffs in the gameplay to make it more realistic, but its to slow..